why are kpop fans so delusional. BTS Ignored by the Grammys; Zero Nominations Despite Record-Setting Year. I don't know how and why this would make international fans more delusional. What is K-pop, and why are its fans so active in American politics? K-pop is a cultural force with music groups ranking high across different Billboard charts globally (in 2019, BTS had three No. And so, no we don't think BTS carries the entire Kpop industry. candidate at the University of Tokyo, says that toxic " stan " culture, involving fans that reject critical engagement with K-pop, is the cause. Writing fanfiction is the main method by which fans express their idol shipping. Now if you think likening the scale and passion of a K-pop . They are saints or Angels(like . Why? Other than the extensive training period before debut, and the exhaustive schedules after- it’s because Kpop fans are amongst the most vocal, resourceful, indefatigable, and voracious in their support of their idols and their love of Kpop in general. Many K-pop fans deny the rumors because they believe Lizkook fans are invading Jungkook & Lisa's privacy. Fans of it are widely accepted in the society and they can sing Korean songs freely in public whereas if u are Jpop culture (this includes anime) fan u r viewed as weirdos or nerds. What makes some people get so obsessed with entertainers that they turn into . He praised BTS’s “historic” achievements, mentioning their record-breaking, and also gave them “extra cool points” for supporting his song “Yacht”. Why I Didn't Kill Myself After Spending 5 Hours at an EXO Kpop Concert. Along the way of being a Kpop fan, it is very inevitable not to pick up Yes, these fans could be obnoxious, crazy, delusional—name it, . I dont know why people ship Taennie, I just know once Tae's butt ACIDENTALLY hit Jennie's face even Jisoo was laughing at her and quickly told Lisa. Being an international Kpop fan. now, i've kinda expanded my playlist (s) and listen to artists from my own country + other foreign countries and enjoy. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being a sports fan, of course, but if you consider the costs—combined with the limited. Answer (1 of 7): Because k-pop fans mostly consist of tween and teenagers who have all the time in the world. I think its safe to say that a good 90 to 95% of kpop fans fall under this category. ” “You take responsibility over the. For example, I have seen one answer where they said the girl should dress laid back, while the other said girly. But honestly am I the only one whose noticed how international fans of kpop have become lately? I remeber back when international fans didn't even care or know what or whose fan club was called what in Korea, I can't even name H. So much that they are asked to bring in the person they're shipped with when they are busy doing their own thing (ex. On one side, you have the K-fans, and on the other side you have I-fans. For Kpop to enter the mainstream America style and music scene, Kpop would have to change so much that it would be become unrecognizable to current fans (or some fans of old Kpop). in the whole of ffing kpop this is literally my biggest peeve. People were sending them death threats and suicide petitions. She has this undying infatuation to Kim Kibum. I came to know kpop because of psy like everyone else then I heard bts "bst" song and I really liked it and after that I became fan of bts. thank you for making this thread. Naturally, this wouldn't sit too well with fans as they'd hate to see their biases showing affection as boyfriends or girlfriends to other idols. Not everything your idol does is comedy gold, or cute, or ‘savage’. Since 2020, when EXO 's Chen suddenly announced that he would be marrying and expecting his first child, he has been receiving hate. Why? Because they haven't been exposed long enough in the sunny rays of KPOP to unconsciously (and consciously) use these words. With social media being so broad these days, I'm sure there are countless K-pop fans coming in daily even by accident through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Kpop Lee Chaerin Life love Manga Minzy Movie MV Nagihiko Naruto News Oh noes OMG!!! Omo! Omona!!. Compared to female idols, male idols are more dominantly sexualized in fanfictions. Spill your thoughts: Why do you think KPOP. They just said BlackPink have the highest position of celebrity in the entire world, including America too. I've experienced the so-called Golden kpop years, been a crazy fan, all that jazz. Like no, your not gonna marry Oppa Jungkook, and no, your not Korean. The K-Pop industry has been hounded by issues especially regarding the treatment of idols that fans continue to battle with – and it is time people listen to their war cries. [+136, -9] Both have such fancy clothes, but I don't see the clothes because of their facesㅋㅋㅋㅋ. An old photo of V (BTS) and Tzuyu (Twice. For background, recently, a photo of B. why else would she talk about being free when she was about to debut with itzy? her and the others took profile pictures together, went to a twice concert together,and were seen on their way to practice together, so it couldn't have just been creative differences. If you've ever been involved in K-Pop fandom, you'll know the saying, "You don't choose your bias, your bias chooses you. you know, i think a lot, and i mean a lot. Enjoy the damn music leave a like and comment and move on with your life. I sent them things like werid things. Like, unless you live in the country the idol/singer/whatever is from you dont tend to find many people who like the same stuff as you. You probably, already know about this dark side through the rumors that have been circulating continuosly. Over the years, fans have stopped putting K-Pop idols at such high pedestals and realized that they too are just humans like us. If a fan is toxic, that’s because s/he is a. They are my fellow K-Pop fans who went to the concert just to have fun and to see their favorite artists and groups perform. One was SNSD winning at the YouTube Music Awards, and the other was EXO being nominated for Best Worldwide Act at the MTV EMAs. If Chaelisa was real, I'm sure we won't know for sure until Blackpink has disbanded. Soooooo basically my answer is most likely not the reason why they don't collab with other. This is a question that is bothering me 4 days. - Frequently shipped with many other idols. Both look fancy so they freaking resemble each other. Take example of this controversy, a true artist must go deeper to take inspiration,s*ga believed it to be as something spiritual and powerful as it was referenced before in other songs. < Okay so let's get back to the question- Why don't BTS collab with any K-Pop girl groups. So, if you’re gonna Kpop, you better bring it. They also think k-pop is taken more. Delusional behaviour is rife with stans and it reaches an apex with many K-pop fans out there. In this clip from a past interview, Jay Park mentions BTS in relation to him finding his own place in the American and Korean music industries. Idols pretending to be sexy is off putting. Yes, Kpop is better than Vpop (to some standards) but I still support Vpop 105%. The reason we can't confirm or deny them is because they haven't said so. One particular fan responded with disappointment, saying that the idol had been “too selfish” and that his actions left them “crying for so many hours. The kpop industry and entertainments have a dark side beneath all the charm it holds. But besides injuries, another reason why fans hate it is because of the rumors that idols show up to ISAC in order to secretly meet up with their love interests. Since so many fans are childish, they have to keep dating a secret or they'll lose fans, thus, popularity, thus money and there's the great chance of. This country is the favorite of a lot of travelers who'd been there. Many fans waited for Jungkook of BTS to turn eighteen so that they could. Many male Kpop idols would be thrown into those groups unless they continue to do the skinship thing, in which case, yes. by supporting gay antics, giving fanservice, and their idols being shy around the opposite sex, it's as if they . furthermore, jyp alluded to her personality being bad shortly after her contract termination. i think the reason why k-pop has become so popular and so suffocating for people who dont like it is because the majority of fan intereaction is done online. "@bbygirlkattt @vipbaepsaesales @taegifull @vivimeal They be going too hard for some of these groups… you can be a fan and not know/like every song, all their habits, know their schedules. K-pop fan fictions, are k-pop fan fictions getting out of. Reasons why they don't collab: 1st reason: They are two most popular Kpop groubs, so clearly, they are both very busy. The SaKook couple first began when the two idols were co-hosting as special MCs for "Music Core". So I will start by addressing the first presumption. This space is for everyone who love K-pop and K-Dramas! 😄 So to explicitly answer your question: Jimin is truly close to Jungkook, but he is not close to only Jungkook but to all the members in BTS. Well, idk about Jungkook because I don't really think he stands out or outshines the other members at all (but I do admit him and Yoongi do got the most unique looks in BTS, in my opinion). But the K-pop world is stuffed with unique etiquette, inside jokes, and in many cases, its own entire vocabulary. K-pop music in the country could be thought of as similar to Taylor Swift in the United States. and this is gratifying for them because they can't have that in real life, which is why they react. K-pop's latest obsession is with "trap", those horrible languid slow excuses for actual rap beats which have been polluting the hip-hop world over the last decade and making everything shit and boring - it's the main reason why rap music sucks so much now compared to the style's 80s and 90s golden ages. These toxic fans are so rude and they're acting like only BTS needs to be loved. This strategy creates more fans, more engagement, more investment of fans on them, so more profit. The Boy Group vs Girl Group Fan Phenomenon. First, the ship first sailed allegedly when both MAMAMOO's Wheein and BTS's V hosted Inkigayo in. So i like some groups, but I don't like some users who are fans of the groups i like. 30 Days Of Kpop Kpop Workout Body Challenge Fitness Body. Boyfriend thinks i cheated reddit. Not because I had any sort of aversion to girls or anything, but simply because a lot of the girl group songs blowing up back then just weren't for me. All images courtesy of the author. Height: 161-164 cm → 5′2″ - 5′4″. It is most commonly known as K-pop which is mainstream music that originated in South Korea. only receives letters so if your planning to send me a package please E-Mail me for my other address. It's time we stop glorifying these frauds and expose them for ruining the last five years. Only stans someone for their looks. Most of them go back another time since they discover they didn't have enough time to explore South Korea asContinue reading "Top 7 reasons why you should visit South Korea". They were formed by a survival show called I-land, and they debuted last year, on November 30th, 2020. Fans are able to know what they are wearing that day, what’s on their schedule, what they are eating, etc. Secondly Kpop is an entertainment industry as a whole as it has been commercialized so as the consumer you are buying looks and dancing with mediocre vocals which is wrong in every way as Music is meant to be about the voice and the singer, I bet you not that if the Kpop Idols looked unattractive there would be a small or non existent fanbase. The story that started years ago, when our idols were just kids. Why are international fans more delusional? Explain Starting with 𝙇𝙪𝙘𝙖𝙨 𝙎𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙡. It's not that their fans abandoned them. -pedo behaviour is common in asian countries (i'm from asia *m, i know). Please do not think we are delusional fans or that we do not know anything about KPOP and its events. you bloody delusional Army so called fans actually incapable of understanding constructive criticism, are the reason many people leaning about Kpop recently have already come to despise it. in the delusional hope that a fan will become that special someone. Fans went angry and Nickhun got involved and got more fans pissed at them. In the 25 years since, Korean boybands like H. The 25-year year old still manages to be strong despite receiving hate for some valid, but mostly invalid reasons. NCT's concept is essentially useless, it doesn't help them in anyway 5. and as someone who has never tried to hide their kpop fan status, I dont think it has caused me any loss of face in front of friends who make fun of kpop fans as a whole cause i. Becoming a kpop idol has rapidly become a huge deal among most young kpop fans from around the world. According to many Wattpad users, reading and writing fanfics are like a safe place where they discover themselves and learn about their sexuality. Through the show, the debut lineup of the multinational girl group Kep1er (including 6 Korean members, 2 Japanese members and 1 Chinese member) was selected. Fans of the genre know its diverse sounds and talents produce some inspiring songs that help get us through the tough times. K-Pop is not full of political messaging; the music is not calling people to arms. A Korean netizen speculated that V(Kim Tae Hyung) and his one fan girl are dating secretly. Sasaengs are delusional and obsessed with their idols and act in ways that cross boundaries. This also makes delusional obsessive fans who spiral down to a vicious circle of paranoia and self-destruction. It supposedly copies American music, heavily relies on samples and “steals” from other artists. that means oppa won't get with the fangirls and how dare he not fall in love with a fan. Why the Antis hate these Kpop Idols. It came to a point where antis exerted their. Why the Men of K-Pop Band The Rose Are So Excited to Talk About Skin Care;. Some behaviours that would be considered delulu include: Some "fans" are called delulu when they think they will date their idol, think their idol can't do anything wrong in life, shipping,. So Nyuh Shi Dae's fanclub, SONE, took the first place. B AND Mada left Wassup and a member left VAV, Ljoe deletes Teen Top from his Instagram name, a member leaves High4, members leave ALPHABAT, James leaves Royal Pirates ect. This is what happens when Section 1 girls go Super Saiyan or something like that. For example, Somi cannot sing for toffee yet no one seems to mention that under her Song Association (a game that a black YT did first, IIRC). Here's why we think K pop idols dating isn't such a big deal and shouldn't be made into a media circus. im so done!! 2017 is not starting out well for Kpop fans!:. I swear this is not a bash or anything but i notice that people here sometimes exaggerate a lot about their favourite idols or groups, . They'd automatically be pegged as "gay" by everyday guys who aren't as magnetizing. But to say it in a context that belittles everyone and everything else? (just like this question) Hell no. Surely, many of us KNOW kpop because of the wave. K-pop femslash fanfiction may begin in a version of highly mediated reality, but the space that it creates should be treated as so much more than a simple fantasy. Psychotherapy for delusional disorders involves establishing a trusting relationship with a therapist on which behavioral changes can be made, such as improvement in relationships or work troubles that are affected by the delusions. Like literally nothing will stop these people from being so delusional except time, growth, touching some grass, and some distance from the K. And so, like many of you, I bristle with righteous indignation when I hear of K-pop fans being derided as "crazy", or "delusional". Section 2: Delusional Fangirls This is what happens when Section 1 girls go Super Saiyan or something like that. Sasaengs are delusional fans that engage in borderline criminal activities in order to stalk their favorite Kpop idols. Now, the truth is, non-KPOP fans will never understand our need to use these words so often. the root problem is that for some reason pop fans treat music as a competitive sport. The thread was entitled “Fans that Korean fans hate more than the Chinese or Japanese fans” and discusses the main 5 reasons why Korean fans despise international K-PopRead More. Can We Stop Pretending Kpop is Popular?. It's one of the reasons I kind of stop getting involved with BTS fans and videos. kpop is their life, their fantasy, their escape from reality. So for where I do want to direct our discussion, I instead wish to focus our attention on how we, as sincere and supportive fans, are to address fans who genuinely are delusional and obsessive. I don't get something in this list though, why is Ailee #3 as you said she was a close second to Hyorin (#1)? So glad Park Bom isn't on this list though. His Chinese bar closes down, he is being heavily criticised on weibo but on Twitter (a platform mostly used by I-fans) #weloveyouLucas is trending worldwide with 745K tweets. There are way too many people like that in this fandom. Although the footages weren’t used in the actual CF, they are still lingering around online. , Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, has changed the face of K-pop culture in many ways. Good for the business, you know. While insecurities stand on both sides of the dating aisle, it's men who are more so affected by Kpop than women. Little Mix fans may have a favorite member, but K-pop fans have a bias. These guys aren't Gods, they are HUMANS… Humans. But the thing that caught our hearts was the story behind it. 365daband and X5 are the more well known groups in Vietnam right now because they are highly trained (for Vietnam's standard). Anyone who has been a fan of Korean pop culture is familiar with the iconic K-pop boy group BIGBANG, and it is easy to see why. K-pop fans are beyond delusional when it comes to American success. this includes delusional people. Fans can be obsesive but its def dif than kpop fans. their biases are their boyfriends and husbands (in their heads), so while they are giving support, attention, and sales , they expect in return their biases to keep the fantasy alive. The K-Pop industry has been hounded by issues especially regarding the treatment of idols that fans continue to battle with - and it is time people listen to their war cries. The age range of the members are 15-20 (non-Korean age). But like pretty much with anything in life, there are also the downsides of things. There wasn’t an earplug that could save me from the hours of relentless, high-pitched screaming. That they are convincing and definitely not embarrassing to say out loud. Fans defend WJSN Dayoung as trolls compare her to anime Ao. The art and sound is of incredible quality. BTS released an album called LOVE YOURSELF, which is clearly about suicide. This could be things that are outright false and can be proven to be so quite easily, rumors that make no sense, fans being a bit too delulu over idols or anything else that fits really. Unofficial translations have been bridging the gap for fans all over Many K-Pop fans take what they see at face value, so knowing where . Top 7 reasons why you should visit. So they get shipped with a "safe" and attractive (note how the most popular ships are based on the most attractive members of the group) band member. K-pop is the name of a pop music sensation that originated in South Korea and is sweeping the globe. even if the percentage of those fans is not high, the sheer number of bts fans makes them a large group… i agree with one of the commentators here who said that the korean kpop and entertainment industry overall should stop hiding their stars relationships of any kind so thoroughly because that will eventually make fans get used to it and. C for Youth) in fact, fans of Korea’s (and the world’s) biggest boyband, Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS). NCT’s concept is essentially useless, it doesn’t help them in anyway. “I don’t mind spending a lot as long I have money to spare. What screams crazy, delusional K-pop fans? Believes their idols are the BEST. This all stems from the possessive kpop culture, many fans assume the idol it was so random, fans couldn't believe the two were dating. those who rAM stupid ass ships down ur throat with the dumbass supposed moments and them . It doesnt make sense that I would put myself to this but my conclusion is that kpop fans nowadays are getting worse ???. A huge part of being a kpop fan is not only to show support by buying music, merchandise and going to concerts, but to feel like you are a part of the fandom and you know the group more intimately. Why are K-pop fans so delusional?. jimin - hmmmmmmmm well he's so soft. And K-pop fans are frustrated that the behavior of a few reflects poorly upon them as a whole fandom. This is just my prediction, so don't take it seriously. Fan fictions about K-Pop idols are crossing the line and this not only Some delusional fans get so much into these fanfics and start . What is Delulu fan? What is a Koreaboo person? Was deluded meaning? Is it bad to use the word delusional? Is Koreaboo an insult?. "Girls Planet 999" is a survival reality show produced by Mnet that aired in Korea last year. Obsessive K-Pop Fan Posts Delusional, Terrifying Response to EXO's Chen's Marriage An obsessive fan, whom others would likely label a sasaeng . Nevertheless, the video clips still went viral on several online communities when fans got a hold of it. Japan has been responsible for like 80% of Kpop international growth and revenue. insecure and delusional human being. RM has reportedly told ARMY not to ship them with female K-Pop groups. 2015 was the beginning of people connecting BTS V with a fan girl. Korean fans see idols as their property; so what V, their property, is thinking or feeling, is of no importance. But Delusional fans…Are THE MOST annoying people ever. K-pop girl group Blackpink’s “Kill This Love” world tour drew around 260,000 concertgoers and got more new female fans interested in the band. Because, first, it’s not their responsibility to do that. His chubby pinch-able cheeks, flat cute nose, and nonexistent eyes just make Henry one of the cutest human beings on Earth. Why are International Kpop Fans so Desperate for Western Validation? So back in 2013, in my first year of being a kpop fan, I saw 2 events which put kpop on display internationally, outside its very small niche. However, social networking humanizes our favorite artists and is a vital tool in making artists. They definitely illuminate it, help make it known and in some way represent it. There is a positive side to fanfics too. Like literally they would end up killing someone but still these delusional fans would support and simp over them. Turns their back on their idols for every little thing. Fans are able to know what they are wearing that day, what's on their schedule, what they are eating, etc. Anyway CL is the Baddest Female and the best k-pop female rapper there is. You may continue calling the fanboys & fangirls who are wishing to have a relationship with his/her bias - delusional - all to your heart's content, but that does not change the fact that this kind of thing actually do happen. Also, most Koreans are exposed to these news and so quite a few of them have very little interest in Kpop other than it just being the music . Namjoon and Taehyung can't marry a foreigner because they must comply with family traditions, the main one being to keep the family name in all their ancestry; that is, the eldest and first-born son must marry a South Korean woman, although "This is not mandatory". Also the fans don't realize that their „idols" are literally corporate slaves. Why are some ATRLers so dismissive, disrespectful and downright ignorant of BTS's talent and success? "They don't sell albums!" Quote According to Gaon Chart's November 2017 album chart, which was released on December 7, BTS's latest mini album "Love Yourself: Her" has recorded an additional 47,9. Fans waited in line for days to see the group perform as part of ABC's 'Good Morning America' summer concert. Fans cheer as K-Pop group BTS performs in Central Park, May 15, 2019 in New York City. Very delusional especially if they're talking about 3rd & 4th generation idols. There is an unfortunate stereotype that K-pop is a genre for the unhinged, that all the fans are delusional and crazy. It is the only country in the world where Kpop is a bit mainstream. Like millions of fans around the world, I've become an ardent supporter of K-pop idols and their activities. I don't understand why everyone is so upset about Baekhyun liking the black skin edits of Sehun and Chanyeol on Instagram. On June 16, a post called "V and Tzuyu are so good looking" became a trending topic of Pann Nate. I feel that KPOP is simply another genre of music. Monster has a very dark concept that is the one why I got into K-POP idols culture. We are people with lives of a normal teenager, we go to school, we hang out with our friends and we keep our conversations going NOT by talking about Korean Pop. Now if someone making such videos just thinks the pair they chose to present look good together in their eyes is not so bad . These videos are fancams: short, often fan-shot clips of Korean idols or groups performing live. However, it certainly has been around since the second generation of K-pop when SM Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop agencies, held its first fanfiction writing contest in 2006. Delulu is slang for delusional, commonly used amongst KPOP fans. The most popular fanfictions are the ones that are all about sex, and they mostly feature an idol and a fan. I like the music because most of the lyrics make me feel strong and empowered. Most of us has probably gone through a phase where we have. Delusional fans think their favourite idols can't do anything wrong. In the camp world of K-pop, it's hard for stars to be gay. Why? Other than the extensive training period before debut, and the exhaustive schedules after- it's because Kpop fans are amongst the most vocal, resourceful, indefatigable, and voracious in their support of their idols and their love of Kpop in general. Other fans claimed that Dayoung looked just as she used to in the past and said the trolls were delusional for calling the idol out for nothing. I mean I don't like kpop but I understand when someone likes the music. I just hate how they got so popular over here sometimes because the fans can be delusional but that is with any group or artist. Why is [email protected] disregarded when talking about cringe. So for me, there's like a 60%-70% that they're dating or at least are friends. K-Pop artists are loved by their image and strong presence on stage. korean/chinese fans are just as delusional as i-fans from what ive seen. There have been some quite memorable collaborations. A lot of fans become delusional and obsessive as artists pretend to be in relationships with their fans. Why do a lot of Kpop fans hate each other?. My comment about Monsta-X on Ellen got deleted on r/kpop for pointing this out lol. JYP groups (overall) lack in singing 4. This study tested common predictions from the absorption-addiction model of celebrity worship and the empty self theory. Some kpop fans mentality is weird. K-pop fans in general are delusional and batshit crazy. We've matched YA books to songs released by K-pop band BTS. Thank you for watching ! Mild cringe = 00:00 - 05:48 Hardcore cringe = 05:48 - 14:28Stan twitter rant = 14:28 - 18:09Funny stan tweets = 18:09 - 20:00MY LINK. They decided that it is JK, so he and JK (they own JK as well) must be in an intimate relationship. Now that I look back at that I don't want to be a K-pop idol at all. New polling proves Trump's fans are as delusional as they are. Answer (1 of 6): Yes, definitely. I have known K-pop and its fan culture for a very long time, “Minsung” is a name fans use to call Lee Know (Minho) and Han (Jisung)'s, . The K-pop industry is highly manufactured and fake. And so, like many of you, I bristle with righteous indignation when I hear of K-pop fans being derided as “crazy”, or “delusional”. By the way, there is a boy group who has. Besides-YG doesn't allow Blackpink to write their own lyrics and BigHit does, so I don't really know how would they making the lyrics. Below is a topic that has been trending within the community, titled "The something that agencies would stop including in K-Pop. Are regarded as "delulu fans", meaning delusional fans. like i just don't feel as hyped and happy as before by listening to it (as in i don't feel as happy in trying to stan groups). Its OBVIOUSLY CL is the greatest rapper of Korean history, she is badass and sexy at the same time, and kind of cute. One of the reasons why fans are so invested — time and money wise — into K-Pop stars is because it is harder to become a celebrity in Korea than in countries such as America, UK, Australia, etc. Just look at the old KPop group fandoms (like SNSD, TVXQ,SuJu) and they are more chill generally. I think that font is a delusional kpop stan. From a total of 6,527 votes, the fanclub SONE got 1,888 votes (28. , and VIXX, for several years, told Racked, "airport fashion on male stars can be well over $50,000 for one outfit. “Although K-pop’s message is not necessarily political in an overt sense, they are often about empowerment and self-confidence,” said the author of the “Ask. I agree Luna is so underrated, I mean seriously! I actually agree with this list for once! Though, I would put Ailee as first. Ever since their debut on 19th August 2006, the iconic K-pop phenomenon BIGBANG which started off with five members, G-Dragon, T. When Big Bang is promoting they are practically non existent to the Kpop world. DBSK's concepts, the whole idea with eclipse and power thing with EXO, RV, F (x), Boa (esp. Answer (1 of 2): No It's not to discredit their music and achievments I think that BTS fans are often called as crazy and even toxic because (I am not saying all but many) fans will often start to dislike you or bug you with questions Like “ Why do don't like it “ and other stuff. People who are not fans of Kpop must see international Kpop fans in a different light. Miranda Ruth Larsen, a fan studies scholar and Ph. These girls are the ones that get on my nerves. think of a BTS fan, is probably that of a deranged or delusional fangirl. Like its so weird! There is no "requirement "🙄 thats why I dont do that fandom shit no more". Yes, we're cracking open this can of worms. So I'm not just some delusional fan trying to save her oppa's image here. The reason why BLACKPINK numbers on their new MV drop didn't lack is because of how the fans were so thirsty and basically begging YG for girls to come back(and that did happen for real like how ridiculous they have to be to not hear the fans). Kim Sa Eun, Sungmin, Super Junior Leave a comment. Here is what I believe his ideal type would be (also Namjoon once said that Taehyung doesn't really have an ideal type because it's always changing). They also consider it a betrayal if an idol does get into a relationship, which is why the topic of dating is considered sensitive and taboo in K-pop. Groups are trying to open up new markets, esp with China being harder. I guess the process fans were attracted by them seems like Japanese animation's one, therefore the fandoms. Psychologists have indicated that though many people obses. Believes their idols will date them. Check out some of the most beautiful and inspiring lyrics in K-Pop songs - although this is definitely NOT an exhaustive list, with hundreds more songs with lyrics worthy of the title "beautiful"!. K-pop, Mandopop and other Asian pop + FOLLOW. The unitarian power of fandom has often raised donations, voiced against injustice and inequality. At 1st, I used to think it was because of his resemblance. One of the darker aspects of K-Pop is the use of strict — and potentially dangerous — diets to help them stay slim and in shape. I found a lot of interesting comments on that Jonghyun article. But knowing how the Kpop industry goes, as much as possible they must avoid any interactions to prevent the crazy fans from getting mad. We've seen the news about those fans queuing for seven days for Korean Pop stars. What really annoys me about it though is the fan / stan culture. The majority of the Chinese keep flying away. In South Korea, dating is an exercise in. KPop Secrets!, Why so delusional ? Please, open your eyes. Happee recalls that there was one hardcore fan who . K-Pop fandom has some delusional fans but there are many who are against the sexualization of idols in fanfictions. So, when people say that the fandom would get automatically. Fans against Lizkook think the two K-pop idols should be able to keep their personal lives a secret. Call me an anti , please go ahead. Being part of one of the most successful K-pop boy bands, J-Hope did not escape the harsh commentaries of the mob. there's too many kpop fans who are so delusional out there that it's natural to have that point of view. Ask a question; Create a poll; Share myTake; Feed. Kpop fans are not necessarily delusional people. But, as for Yeonjun, I'd say he's got kinda strong vibe. Suddenly you see two idols of the opposite sex or the same sex and end up thinking, "Ah! I wish they dated each other". Nothing new, but it seems some have brains just for decoration and don't understand. That's the allegation of thousands of fans of Kpop group Big Bang, as well as Korean rapper TOP. BTS are talented, have attractive personality an. However, it certainly has been around since the second generation of K-pop when SM Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop agencies, held its first fanfiction writing contest. Have you ever felt guilty supporting the Kpop industry and. But there's a different vibe to the problem because we are already seen as delusional, superficial people (damnnnnnn D:). I have been a fan since 2013 when they first started. somi got herself kicked out of jyp. On a popular K-Pop online community, netizens have been talking about two specific countries that they wish would stop being included in K-Pop. K-pop fans never analyse the situation or read between the lines, they just absorb whatever. However, they are still having a hard time trying to gain more fans inside and outside of the country. I actually know Super Junior first because of my sister. From its energetic choreography and music to the beauty of its idols, K-pop (or K for Korea combined with pop) has entranced international and Korean fans alike—and chances are you. What defined an idol groups' success is their fans. P may be filming a new MV in the Philippines. Here are the top 25 most loved ships among K-Pop fans. That all kpop fans like kpop because it is popular, because it is the "in" thing right now. I never understood why within the kpop community so many fans hated each other. We might not have had many KPOP Idols in India but we do know how it is in rest of the world. Learn where to shop for industrial fans. Upvote Upvote (0) Subscribe Unsubscribe (0) 1128 views. So here are the six levels of extreme Kpop fan tropes that you will can be an extension of the “love is blind” fan – their delusional, . Nevertheless, swarms of EXO-Ls, EXO’s official fandom, rejoiced over it and. Maybe that's an understatement. Some may find it delusional but a netizen chooses this as one of the K-pop ships that can be true. In South Korean culture, a sasaeng, or sasaeng fan is an obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of . In our country, Kpop culture (including K-dramas and songs) influences are rampant. She's either telling you all that stuff for giggles to see what your reaction would be, or she's so far down her own daydreams that she started believing them. Plus KPOP is really competitive (cuz…. "Sasaeng" fans of K-pop boy band NCT at the airport. People who hate Super consistently watch it and make threads where they complain but still end up continuing watching Super anyway despite the fact that they think Super is the worst thing that happened to the franchise and Toriyama's gone senile, for seemingly no reason at all. Hates it when their idols are near other girls/boys. P’s Bang Yong Guk, Himchan, and Daehyun, with 2 girls in bikinis, was shared on the internet.