run exe from command line with arguments. exe file has to be copied from Projects\Application\Application\bin\Debug to the production directory in order to accept command line arguments. exe can accept a number of command-line parameters. exe with arguments so that the task will run the ps1 script. script command line arguments powershell. exe, then you have to add an argument /c before the other arguments because /c carries out the command …. Here is a video showing how to do a deployment. exe from the Run dialog, supports a number of interesting command line arguments which can be useful in various situations. Alternatively you can initiate command line execution by going to the operating system 'command prompt' or within Windows at the START-RUN menu and typing it in there. A command-line interface (CLI) allows us to execute programs by typing a command in Shell (or Command Prompt if you are using Windows). It enables you to run and test a Postman Collection directly from the command line…. Here are some examples to get you started: lprun foo. I have an executable that supports a --foo argument. We’ve also added a usage string, that will print what the command line app expects. C++ — Command Line Arguments. exe), and the command argument …. Command Line Printer Control As of Windows 2000, many, but not all, printer settings can be configured from Windows's command line using PRINTUI. py: # import the necessary packages import argparse # construct the argument parse and parse the arguments ap = argparse. sh shell script must: Launch Wwise. txt: Will run notepad and open the text file named Notes. Within your executable code, we. Instruct squishrunner to run …. exe, open the solution directory and run: dottrace start --profiling-type=Timeline. dl and it produce the output on command …. The Java executable used to run QF-Test. Now let's download a third-party library and use some method from the library. exe that fails spectacularly when I send arguments like so: PS C:\tools\whizbang>. All startup methods essentially do the same thing: they run the app's. You can specify several options in any order on the command line. Navigate to the Advanced category 3. Only one copy will run at a time, regardless of how many windows you h. You can also specify command-line arguments in Eclipse using the menu command Run → Run Configurations, choosing the class containing your main() method in the dialog box, then selecting the Arguments tab. Workflows can be run via command line using AlteryxEngineCmd. exe) or another command that starts with a number, you have to use the command …. I am a huge fan of command line applications, …. The AlteryxActivateLicenseKeyCmd. The command line argument /FullStart can be added to force full startup without a client being connected. The Server command-line arguments can be found under Command-line arguments (Server). exe files from a PowerShell editor or the command line, choose the first option. Yesterday a colleague learning test automation forgot the syntax for running Robot Framework test cases from command-line. msi” /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/S” In the command line above the /quiet parameter will tell the Windows Installer to run quietly. exe -command {get-eventlog -logname security} Or the same thing but calling PowerShell from the CMD shell: powershell. exe) supports several arguments that you can use for troubleshooting, convenience, or fun. For example: MyCommand param1 param2 param3 To run the command prompt press Win + R, then type cmd and press Enter. Unlike most Unix systems and services, Windows does not include a system supported installation of Python. For example, suppose a Java application called Sort sorts lines in a file. I just did some research as well and you're correct the available literature confirms that command line arguments aren't available, and better said aren't recognized by Task Manager. If you invoke Visual Studio directly from the command line or through a batch file, you must create a makefile for eMake to run. 2) If you just want to run a Java class from the command line, then use the below command to execute and pass arguments…. The core Racket run-time system is available in two main variants: Racket, which provides the primitives libraries on which racket/base is implemented. Google Chrome Command Line Switches & Arguments. "/c ""C:\DriveWorks\"&DWVariableProgramToRun&"""". The -td and any other argument that appears after the debugger option (-d exename) are used as arguments to c:\test\myprog. Two or more commands can be ran within one Run Command Line task by separating commands …. I want one of my applications to send an HTML email message to a user with a hyper link in it to start up an executable with arguments passed to it. Launch elevated processes from the command line Posted on 2007. exe file is installed and executing the following command: Rscript. So if you were to run your script directly using AutoIt3. Today we'll talk about command line arguments in an Unreal Engine application. 3 Input: runas /profile /user:AAA “C:\programs\BBB. WebServiceIsEcw: If not using eCW, omit this argument. To run a batch file from within another batch file, use the CALL command, otherwise the first script will start the second script and immediately exit, so any further commands in the first script will not run. Any message box displayed by [Code] support function MsgBox. The command line form is as follows: reflect. Everything I've read about the built-in configuration options is that you can retrieve values from a SQL Server table, an XML file, etc. UNIX Source Command: Read And Execute Commands From File; Python Command Line Arguments Examples; HowTo: Execute A Script On Remote UNIX / Linux Server; Python For Loop Examples; Command To Run (execute) Bin Files In Linux; How to Run and Execute Command …. Here is what I am trying to run, but the CMD, will not seem to pick up the arguments. #runs DIR from a cmd shell, DIR in PowerShell is an alias to GCI. I am trying to execute the following line from a powershell script: msiexec /qb /i ps-pulse-win-5. exe app supports a number of useful command line options you can apply in the Run dialog or by running the app from the command prompt or PowerShell. First type the program name, then the parameters separated with spaces. With the Fall Creators Update I can't figure out a way to pass arguments with spaces to a process running under cmd. The environment Variable %CmdCmdLine% will expand into the original command line passed to CMD. You can run a Transaction script from the command line using this syntax: "Winshuttle. Open the “Configuration Properties” tree element, and choose “Debugging”. Windows – How to start a program with command line arguments on. The CommandLineUtils library supports the sub command…. Command-Line Arguments are strings of keywords that you can pass when running the executable via the command line or a shortcut to the executable. His specific problem turned out to be one of pathing, pre CFMX you may not have needed to provide fully qualified paths (for example, the path to cmd. exe in the /build folder wont run. How-to: VBScript command line arguments Positional arguments. You can control Wallpaper Engine with command line arguments to, for example, pause or stop all wallpapers, change wallpapers or even change settings of running wallpapers. 1 and it doesn't mention %T and %Y as variables available when calling external merge tools. There are lots of command lines which can be used with the Google Chrome browser. Make it single Instance Application 2. Command line arguments are delimited by spaces. Cobble together a passable command line based on the one that was for the game launcher. I never found a command line argument parsing …. The path to this program can vary significantly from one system version to another. Click on the Start menu, choose Run …. To see what they are, simply enter the command …. Java Command Line Arguments with Examples. Go flag tutorial shows how to parse command-line arguments in Golang with flag package. Expect a descriptive message and an exit status of 1 if any exception occurs such as improper syntax, a problem reading or writing an image, or any other problem that prevents the command …. Command Line Interface¶ Installing Flask installs the flask script, a Click command line interface, in your virtualenv. BAT either from a command prompt or by double clicking on it. How to run a powershell script with white spaces in path. All arguments after this delimiter are passed to the application run. ; In your client client executing where git should return only one line …. Problem Once or twice a month, memory consumption on a sever would hit 100%. I am trying to run a single schtasks. Let's see the basic syntax for running an executable JAR file with arguments: java -jar jar-file-name [args …] The executable JAR created earlier is a simple application that just prints out the arguments passed in. MsgBox % RunWaitOne("dir " A_ScriptDir) MsgBox % RunWaitMany(" ( echo Put your commands here, echo each one will be run…. This post aims to provide quick introduction for executing single, set or all Robot Framework …. For example, to force Zero Hour to run in windowed mode with an 800x600 resolution, you would use the following shortcut: "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\generals. In this article, we learned two ways of running a JAR application on the command line with or without arguments. Hello, I have the following scenario. exe" -ProfileManager (including the quotation marks). You can now use the Windows Command Line to connect directly to a SSH host by using this syntax: putty. Creating Modern And Helpful Command Line Utilities With System. The answer of Abhinav don't will work, because if you want to run a process using cmd. We discovered that we need to run , which does not seem to accept any command line arguments…. FreeFileSync supports additional synchronization scenarios via a command line interface. Windows Store Apps don’t accept command line arguments by default, so to pass them you need to …. Hi, i am trying to set up a scheduled task to run Sync toy 2. With arguments it is possible to configure programs with minimal complexity. In all of them, there is the option to run “UiRobot. After running the above command, you will be asked to enter the password of. These are the commands that are currently supported by Warcraft III, based on known information and some clever reverse engineering of the executables. --python-exit-code Set the exit-code in [0. exe (FAKE will try and locate your build script). However, InstallMate also recognizes a number of command line options that modify its default behavior. Run it so that the window does not close (and I can see my results) Or. To use Lansweeper I need to do this from the command line. exe file by itself? - Invoke it from within a bach file?. Find the Code::Blocks shortcut in the Desktop or Start menu. bin file and compression setting that were last saved in Method #1 above, or as specified by any relevant compiler directive in the script. '//These are the required parameters. The service shutdown can be initiated by pressing CTRL+C or CTRL+BREAK. I now require to automate using AUTOHOTKEY the step below. Note that they always begin with two dashes. out is the default name of the executable generated by the gcc compiler. Running Apache Ant Command Line. File Explorer command line arguments in Wi…. These switches were introduced in build 160416. exe with Command line parameters. In this post, I will take example for Python project. exe commany which is supposed to run powershell. To run a program under the SYSTEM context using NSudo command-line, use this syntax: NSudo -U:S c:\windows\system32\cmd. How Do I Change Game Resolution in the Command Li…. The first one is your application’s command line and the second one is “PAUSE”. bat -f" & Format (Date$, "MMDDYY") & ". Part 2 We set some arguments …. If you want to return a non-zero value if no tests are discovered, use /FailWhenNoTestsFound. py You can pass additional arguments and options when you do so, like this: python. var run=new ActiveXObject('WSCRIPT. If you want to run subprocess with a combination of commands and arguments…. An in-depth tutorial on writing Python command-line (CLI) apps using the Click library for argument parsing and more. bat file so I can run it from Windows Task . C:\Users> Here, I'm in the folder C:\Users. I am trying to run a exe with parameters from a VB script. To answer the second part first, you need to be able to set up some sort of . exe -accept-apiupdate -batchmode [other params] The APIUpdater will not run if you omit this command line argument …. The command is below: cmd /min /C "set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start F:\someshare\somefile. Using the WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/S” will send the /S command line parameter to the embedded installer. To add arguments to the command line for a CimView shortcut. For example, if you're running Mozilla Firefox, the program file should be named firefox. Command Line Arguments in Python. Pass list as command line argument in Python. The command-line help can be displayed at any time by entering myService. sh shell script on a Mac, each user who wants to run the WwiseConsole. To access this go to a command prompt and type cmd /? and you will get the parameters you need. NET Console apps to parse command line …. SQL Command Line (SQL*Plus) is a command-line tool for accessing Oracle Database XE. In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft added the Windows Subsystem for Linux to Windows 10 and even offered (in partne. We also demonstrated that an argument could contain spaces and special characters (when allowed by the shell). However, the battery in it is busted and through some Googling I've discovered that you should be able to run the exe through command prompt with the /f or /forceit argument. 1 so i can back up several folders to an external disk where i want all data to be saved. Use the /norestart or /forcerestart standard command-line options to control reboots. To help understand the script block, a couple of remarks: The block first finds the location of the git. Which of the following to you mean: - Run an. how do you pass command line arguments to keepass. If you get a message about the command not being found then either add the path to the command to your PATH environment variable or specify the full path to the command. exe -Command start firefox" Feb 18, 2022 · How Do I Run Chrome From The Command Line?. My command line argument is similar as below. exe, this batch file will run it, passing on all appended options: script. And whatever parameter you want to pass to the exe …. The first element is the full path of the node command…. I notice that in Windows 7, Big Picture …. exe program will make sure to run the Python program with the correct version of Python if multiple versions are installed on your computer. I have converted python file p1. In this section, you’ll learn how to run a python file in the terminal with arguments from the command line. exe” with the actual process name. If you want to navigate on the Internet by a command line …. This wikiHow article will teach you how to launch executable ( . exe or PowerShell console with Administrator privileges and type the following command…. Using command line options with mstsc. The first part (the part in quotes) just calls cmd. If true, OpenSimulator will run in the background. If you can’t or would rather not run scripts via the PowerShell console, you can also do so with the good ol’ command line (command prompt). Then you can run it from the command line by navigating to the folder where the Rscript. Most of InstallMate's behavior is determined by the contents of your project, which are stored in the installation database that is included in the distribution package. Google Chrome Command Line Switches. exe, this is by design when using the gui after double clicking on the exe file. Therefore it is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Topshelf Command-Line Reference. Part 1 This example first creates a ProcessStartInfo. Run in background (often used for UI-less …. You can specify these arguments from a command prompt or you can put them into the shortcut that launches the game if you intend to use them all the time. In this screenshot, a user is about to run a command line to open up Chocolate Doom. ” This means that you have an invalid path for this argument (having. Add Support for Command Line Arguments Most CLI applications accept one or more command line arguments, such as optional/required parameters, commands, flags/switches, or other configuration values. Start the application and wait for it to terminate. Command Line Explained 'Convert XLS' can be run without a user interface with command line arguments much like in the good old DOS days. PARAMETERS [run-options] Command-line run-options. For example: MyCommand param1 param2 param3 To run the command prompt …. As you certainly know, you can use command line arguments to launch your compiled UE executable with specific launch options. For instance, let’s imagine I have a command-line tool named whizbang. Since it is a console app, it already has the command line split into arguments by parse_cmdline (in argv[]). Note, it's a bit odd to use a. Please let me know if using the revised command line …. The command would be correct like that (when running it of the command prompt), BUT!!!! Access somehow sets the wrong WORKING DIR for the Exe File (does the same for Batch files). Caddy has a standard unix-like command line interface. There are 2 argument (s)! Argument (1):arg 1 Argument (2):[email protected] In the editing window, change the PATH, adding value: ; C:\Program Files (x86)\ULINK DM2012 PRO NET\v970. PDF Executing a VB Program with Command Line Arguments. Answer (1 of 4): Just navigate to the directory the. To open a Command Prompt in either Windows version, type cmd and press Enter. Then, right-click shortcut > Properties. I want to enable ZoomAutoUpdate using the MSI file. Don't forget to use the correct path to your version of Outlook. Batch file to install software silently. If this parameter is not specified, the current working directory is used. It works best for SSH devices although it does, kind of support telnet, just not very well. Basic usage is: caddy [ apptorun. For example, if you did not change the default location of the Robot, you can use the following command: cd C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio. Start Maya from the command line. Many of these options are important for performance tuning …. Run app/game/exe from command line and passing co…. Use the “ taskkill /F /PID pid_number ” command. EXE executable takes two requered parameters. Command line argument is an important concept in C programming. To exclude/include items from the coverage analysis, you should run …. Figure 1 shows an example of running RunRemote. Windows Store command line arguments. I am trying to use system command to call an exe file with command line argument. Here we run a program called cwebp. Any arguments appear as "$1", "$2", "$3" and so on. This tutorial walks you through configuring the System Exec VI. First, we need to create a CMD shortcut. When needing to run multiple commands, adding a separate Run Command Line tasks for each command will work. md -line 100 Tip: you can also use c:\temp\readme. exe from displaying a progress bar, use the /s command-line parameter. Alternatively, you can launch the Remote Desktop connection app from the Run dialog (press Win + R keys together) by typing mstsc. For example, on a win-x64 machine, specifying --arch x86 sets the RID to win-x86. Of course you can just run 'matlab -h' or 'matlab …. exe execute [--process | --file < . This list of sources is roughly in order of stability. Here's the basic command-line syntax for starting a virtual device from a terminal prompt: emulator -avd avd_name [ {- option [ value ]} …. PowerShell and external commands. In this example, they will be running Fistful of Doom with Freedoom as the main IWAD. In the configuration you can add the arguments using the "args" field. The documentation says: “The fully qualified path of the directory that contains the file specified by sFile. It supports multiple data inputs. Without the entire command we can't recreate the issue. py from the terminal command line. in the Explorer Shell:Enter AppsFolder. C# Command Line Arguments Command Line Arguments are the arguments that are provided along with the run command in command line or terminal. exe files are not listed in the Solution Explorer, like in the screenshot in the link that you posted. You can specify multiple files in this manner, but you must use the -g argument Integrated Terminal - Run command-line tools from inside VS Code. Main () method accepts array of strings. exe" with the target program name, e. There's a build zipped up of Wifi. It exposes an argv property, which is an array that contains all the command line invocation arguments. The batch file is called by a VBA script with the following code: Dim importfile As String importfile = "F:\someshare\somefilelaunch. You're not paying attention to the spaces in between your command line arguments. A very common issue when dealing with console applications is to parse the command line. You can also stop or kill a task using its Process ID. exe without command-line arguments, no database file will have been specified, so SQLite will use a temporary database that is deleted when the session exits. It is possible to test a program that accepts a Command Line Argument. The shell command and any arguments to that command appear as numbered shell variables: $0 has the string value of the command itself, something like script,. Although you can parse command line …. Make sure Wallpaper Engine is already running and then send a command to it by running the main process of the program, wallpaper32. I’m not able to start my robot process from the command line using another user account. Run Elevated Powershell prompt from command. exe in quotes followed by the arguments you wish to use (same as above, but in a single line). exe and creating desktop shortcuts to connect to particular servers is the next step that you need to make. How to Run Program from CMD (Command Prompt) Windows 10. As we continue to close the gap between Win32 and Universal Windows Apps, one of the features we’ve recently introduced is the ability to activate a UWA from a command line and pass the app arbitrary command-line arguments…. I believe that it is because I'm not passing the arguments the correct way, because if I craft a. First, Install the library using the below command. However, ‘excel’ command does not work from command prompt. How can I specify command-line ("run") arguments for an executable (i. Assume that you want to read the command line arguments …. In older versions of the JDK, this was also the default behavior for the command if no arguments …. Please note the /C before the command line, it means we want cmd to execute the command …. The language of the EXE can be easily specified from the command line using this command: Code: Select all. Executing a VB Program with Command Line Arguments. exe", "-config filename"]) The arguments can also be sent as a string instead, but you'll need to set shell=True. Once a service has been created using Topshelf, an extensive command-line vocabulary is available which can be used to install, uninstall, start, and configure the service. The above command cannot run with arguments and you have to split things down into parts to do that on a single line. JVM stores the first command-line argument at args[0], the second at args[1], third at args[2], and so on. exe -PSConsoleFile "C:\scripting\MyShell. I am trying to create a PowerShell command that reads a registy variable and then executes a command. If you have, just edit it as I will discuss in this post. exe on Windows or bash on Linux and OS X. In the above example, we have used 3 files, but. To stop/start FileZilla Server open a cmd. You can pass multiple command line arguments to Zero Hour. The tables at the end of this sub-section list the default install paths for the Canopy …. If you need to call a PowerShell script via a command line …. Passing an argument to the default shell To start an instance of Windows Terminal and have it execute a command, call wt. The arguments that are given after the name of the program in the command line shell of the operating system are known as Command Line Arguments. You can use any hotkey action as a command line argument. It does this from the CMD command line. GRacket, which is a GUI variant of racket …. However, on my system, pgplwiz. For example, /y automatically overwrites files with the same name, if they exist. But sometimes combining multiple commands into a single step will be more efficient. 255] to exit if a Python exception is raised (only for scripts executed from the command line), zero disables. To change directory, type cd DirectoryName (you can use relative directories,. The setup program Windows setup. For example, to run Metasploit from Kali Linux in the Windows 10 command …. Hello, Im new in the world of Autoit and have a questen about the Run-Command: I have to write a program to delay the start of programs in the …. The option is available if "Executable with parameters" is selected in the Run drop-down menu. You can control how Outlook starts by using command line switches. exe" file can be "run as administrator" as described above, I wonder how this can be done in command line…. strProgramName = "C:\Dir0\Dir1\Dir2\Dir3\MyExecutable. Or launch it with the argument form run command. I need to generate an msi for Group Policy deployment. At the start of the Target field, before the target pathname, insert C imView. section object method: "" -rs run. I know we can do this with shellexecute or run , but this python script takes 3 cmd line arguments. Command line arguments for 'Add To Teamcenter' executable 'AddToTeamcenter. argv) is the number of command-line arguments. Using this method, LabVIEW and the command prompt window will run asynchronously. cfg file without using the /run command. On this page I will collect command line switches for some …. In Target field, place cursor after last quotation mark > space > -command line (example: xyz" -command) All command line parameters are preceded with a hyphen ( - ). Note: These can be used with the standalone uninstaller, or with the FlashUtil. windows - pass - run exe with parameters from command line. The -prompt flag issues a MEL prompt for you to type commands …. Command line arguments are extra commands you can use when launching a program so that the program's functionality will change. The Linux command line for beginners. You can pass a file path in the command line in order to tell KeePass to open this …. Here is the Full command I want to run: Run C:\Program Files\Putty\putty. exe is invoked (and hence the file parameter processed) by command line, you have to use ". --nowait: No parameter required. exe /help /new Start a capture session for a new application or update an existing application. The second is the name of the PST file to scan. But im getting error -bash: p1: command not found. 9Search: Open Chrome Command Line Linux. exe of C:\programs, you should do these following steps: 1 Press Win key & R. /script, /home/user/bin/script or whatever. The utility has two required arguments: -i : denotes the input file, including the full or relative path, which will be run by RS. Use -cmd and -cmdlist for older builds. exe, srcds_run) Command-line parameters …. int main (int argc, char *argv []) { /*. Therefore the script tries to locate first the git. Running PHP from Windows command line …. I am trying to install Zoom MSI with command-line arguments on Intune. At the command prompt, still in our working folder, we launch Batch_Commands_For_COMSOL. Like predefined command-line parameters, you can pass custom arguments directly to Setup. will result in the following pre-commands (starting with a minus symbol (-) . exe -accept-apiupdate -batchmode [other params] The APIUpdater doesn’t run if you omit this command line argument …. This can be either the path of, or the Uniform Resource Locater (URL) of the JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) file. Start Wireshark from the command line. Creating a new account sends a confirmation email. > matlab -r "littleFunction batman superman" where littleFunction is the name of your MATLAB file (i. Pulse Secure Command-line Launcher. If you have two or more commands…. Oh, the debug window is only for the “play” button and does not include any launch options for other EXEs. For this, you would need launch. You may run the syntax below to bring up the cmd. exe case you can see additional usage options. For example, the administrator account is “AAA” and you want to run BBB. Following solution also not working e. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting you started on the command line: Before proceeding to other commands, one helpful tip is to place 7za. lnk file in Windows updating its locations to match my Wine's prefix installation and then navigate to it via Wine's explorer. Please note that this exe file is developed by someone else, and i have no control of it. Here we just use the simple commands like copy a file. exe file inside Explorer window, choose 'Advanced Run' and then AdvancedRun program will be opened with the selected. How to use Outlook's command line switches. exe starts the graphical Windows 10 Upgrade Wizard, but this program has a numerous command-line options that can be used to automate OS updates on users’ computers. It is a special network protocol which allows a user to establish a connection between two computers and access the Desktop of a remote host. PowerShell uses a semicolon ; to delimit statements. The count of arguments is in the shell variable "$#". Mapping MPI Proces ses to Nodes. All the default values of this digester class are assumed when executing the CLI command. exe command line interface Note that for fake run the first "unknown" argument is parsed as the script name and all other parameters are interpreted as arguments for the script. I wrote a library that simplifies working with CLIs by abstracting the Process interaction entirely, solving the whole task by executing one method - CliWrap. Command line arguments are just values that are passed to an executable file when it is run. powershell script to take input from user and run a command in powershell. exe program in Windows, open a text editor (e. TestComplete will run test(s) provided by the specified project item. The following example runs the program MYPROG. For example, the inverted picture. The following options may be specified anywhere on the command line:--prefs-file=fullpath-- Add the given file to the list of …. Using this argument, you can run only those project items that have the Run item in their context menu. org is defined as: Usage: soffice [. FileZilla Server command-line arguments on Windows. This section describes the command line arguments you can use to change the behavior of an Editor or Player when you launch from the command line. How to parse command line parameters. Run Multiple Commands from a Single Run Command Line Tas…. require the normal Windows privilege checks on the command In other words the command will NOT work unless I am already logged in with a privileged account. I have manually created a Task via the GUI that has the below action options and it works: Program/script: powershell. Note that the first value in this slice is the path to the program, and os. exe with parameters from javascript. exe - 'hadoop' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file Hot Network Questions Edit polygon - QGIS - remove a line or space in middle of merged polygon. In Windows 10, the application supports the following command line arguments. To open the command prompt: Click on the Start Menu and select Run. In this article we will review command line switches available for setup. To support specially named files like --fsiargs you could use fake …. For non-trivial parameters it is recommended to use "Custom script" option instead. py A basic way to handle those arguments …. Yes, in Windows, users launch the Command-Line app, NOT the Console itself. Example of Command line argument. We need to use start to open excel application from command line. exe In the trigger, I am trying EXEC master. Also all examples for creating the ActiveX are like this:. exe files as a part of a code for a larger program, use the Start-Process or Invoke-Expression cmdlet as this can be embedded as a code. If the application always requires elevation (i. Question: How Do I Run An EXE From Command Prompt?. exe, I want to kill only one based on command line.