nos kt88. Item No : 154493841159; HiFi KT88 Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Single-ended $ 569. Originally introduced by GEC in 1956, it became competition for the American-made 6550, but. They have great clarity in the mid-range as well, and extended highs. 86 New Matched Sextet (6) Svetlana KT88-SV Gold Grid Vacuum Tubes Svetlana $646. Qty: KT88 Svetlana -C- / Russia RARE the good old "winged C" made in St. Given the prices/scarcity of NOS 6550/KT88 types, I looked for alternatives. New & NOS power tubes from Mullard, Tung-Sol, Telefunken, Sino, GE, . 6L6G MARCONI TUBE PAIR KT66 6550 LEAK 6L6 350B KT88 VINTAGE STEREO. Click Here for NOS 6550=6550A=KT88 Tube Inventory. Added a touch of cream to the sounds. The 6550 Tube is a powerful beam tetrode tube designed for audio and instrument amplification by the TungSol company in the mid 50's. This video highlights the most popular 6550 and European KT88 tubes that are new old stock. Here is the package: - SED Winged "C" 6550s (quad) - slightly warmer sound than KT-88s. It was so far ahead of anything else it was a joke. Canuck Audio Mart - Canadian Audio/Video Classifieds Canuck Audio Mart - Canada's largest online Hifi/Audio Classifieds Site! Register . The KT88 is a newer, slightly more powerful "kinkless tetrode" version of the same tube. Very rare, vintage Genalex KT88 tubes. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. The Cayin CS-55A KT88 is a beautifully made tube amp. 진공관 청취 비교 300B EL34 KT88 6550. KT88 6550 TESLA NOS 1982 Match Quads Made for Military Premium Version NOT JJ. Our tubes are always tested, matched and guaranteed. if would like to get more than 10W rms like a 15Wrms at KT88 SE necessary 20W power output transformer. Received from customer Lance L. DEMOS & SALES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm Pacific. 95 TECH-80050 100% Cotton Lisle Inspection Gloves $3. KT88 NOS tube Original Röhre Bitte Varianten anfragen. The 6550 is the American version of the KT88. the good old "winged C" made in St. I have never heard bass like this from any modern day EL34. --KT88 (6550 equivalent) Genalex made in Great Britain MATCHED PAIR: Light use, tested very good, in white boxes. However, I’ve never had problems with other tubes from that source. - RCA 5751 TMBP (pair) - a 12AX7 equivalent. Looking around for a quad of power tubes, KT88. All tubes are new production or NOS (new old stock) and unused unless indicated otherwise. KT88 NOS tube Original Röhre. 74 Items 1 to 12 of 57 total 1 2 3 4 5. I certainly preferred them to any of the re-issues and the newer Chinese offerings. 00 Market: US-Audio-Mart Post navigation. SOLD: Matched octet of NOS Golden Dragon KT88 tubes. Some of the facts seem to contradict the commonly-. Also individual test data: Ia=43mA Uf=6. When compared to the going prices for NOS tubes from the usual suspects (GE, Genelex, Tung Sol, etc. KT88 kullanırken deneme amaçlı KT90 ve KT100 NOS aldım. These were intended for OEM use so they are unlabeled but still 100% JJ! Awesome power and tone. The tube that I appreciate the most regardless of price , is the SED Winged C 6550's. The KT88 can be used interchangeably with its American rival, the 6550. The 6550 tube is the uber- 6L6, a bigger better version of 6L6. SKU: KT88-RFP | Add to Compare; EL84M / 6BQ5WA Sovtek Audio Tube Matched Pair (2) $74. I do though own a small stash of NOS signal tubes. Lush, full soundstage with huge gain and headroom. My NOS KT88's are 60 yrs old so some allowance has to made for working hours. 42) Posted by nsgarch on 2010-04-10, 19:07:44 (72. I'm sure you probably have heard the following details many times, this may be just a reiteration of what all you existing customers are saying. The KT88 Electro-Harmonix sound great and look great too. The power supply in the KT88 Five is 50% larger. The power transformer is an OEM manufactured by Edcor with ratings of 180V-0-180V at 250 mA and 12V at 4A. Lampa elektronowa KT88 to tetroda strumieniowa dużej mocy najczęściej stosowana w układach stopnia końcowego końcowych wzmacniaczy audiofilskich. 6550 KT88 KT90: 6BQ5/EL84 Types 6BQ5 EL84 7189 EL84-M 6P14P 6P14P-EB: 6CA7 EL34 KT77: 6L6 Types 6L6-GC, 6L6-GB, KT66, 5881, 7027: Other. Matched to perfection within 1-3mA. Classifieds: FOR SALE - NOS Winged C KT88 Quads asking for $350. Get these and keep them for a rainy day. 6550 Sylvania NOS - 4 lampy elektronowe - KT88. I'm comparing it to a Brand new NOS Telefunken 12AU7. TubeDepot carries a selection of 6550 / KT88 / KT90 Power Vacuum Tubes. The plate structure is different form true. KT88 is a worthy replacement for the classic 88' at a fraction of the NOS (New Old . 로그 매그넘 120이라는 모노블럭 파워앰프를 쓰고 있는데, 진공관을 좌우 각각 4개씩 6550으로 쓰고 있습니다. These are excellent sounding KT-88 from China-GUI GUANG at an EXCELLENT price! Just $49. The KT88-TK is a beam-power tetrode that shares similar applications as the 6L6 and EL34, and is one of the largest tubes in its class. There are very few people with NOS (really new) GEC KT-88. 1-4 working days (Within Germany) The delivery times for shipping abroad can be found here. Premium grade tube This tube is a true 6SN7 equivalent and you can use it in place of 6SN. Ended: Jun 06, 2015 17:33:11 SGT. Date codes vary a bit, dual saucer getters, square holes. 4 x NOS KT88-98 Gold Aero Penta-Labs. 1 in stock Add to cart Send Enquiry Description Up for sale 1Pc. Genuine KT88 NOS Winged "C" Svetlana Matched quad Vacuum tubes Power amplifer Opens in a new window or tab. Something that I had not expected and really surprised me with the RFT's, is their deep natural sounding bass. Only unmatched singles available. Used Nos Kt88 for sale on 300+ second hand hifi sites & shops. JAN/TESLA KT88 Matched Quad (N. - McIntosh KT-88s (quad) - these are from the Mark V era and reputedly the best from McIntosh. 재즈라는 앰프가 허접한 앰프가 아니고 내부 올 하드와이어링이고 트랜스도 튼실한. We deal in JJ Electronic tubes, NOS tubes, capacitors, speakers and bias probes. NOS examples in good condition are extremely rare. 24 shipping or Best Offer GEC KT88 Black Plate Valve/Tube Tested Strong & Clean B (V46) $464. It utilizes 4- KT88/6550 3-12AT7's and 1- 5AR4 (or 5AR4 plug in SS rectifier replacement). Kt88 or 6550 tube for McIntosh MC275. Labeled and boxed as Mullard, but these are IDENTICAL to Gold Lions, Genelex, GEC, etc, which are . Premium Octal beam Tetrode, an exact copy of the KT88 valve manufactured by Marconi-Osram for Marshall in the. Eurotubes is a webpage for musicians by musicians. Big gap Tesla way ahead of even that. Installed a pair of the KT88’s in a McIntosh MC60. A pair of 6550 tubes can generate 100W of output. WINGED C Svetlana KT88 NIB NOS Vacuum. Note - sets of 4 identical tubes are not available. After several years of playing with these beast, have tubes blow or burn out and getting a great Wadia CD player with a built in preamp, sold the tube gear and bought a great solid state amp, McCormack DNA-500, which actually sounded better with my Aerial 10Ts due to its. report this; The vacuum tube of self-made single guitar amp I was changed from 6V6GT in KT88. For the amps I built, I used some military surplus power transformers and chokes, and some NOS Thordarson output transformers that I found on E-bay. That is because the KT88 can deliver more bass. Compared to (at least based on price as I have not heard them) the EAT KT88 Diamond at $1395 for a quartet, they are a stone cold bargain. Out of all the KT88 tubes I've . Pricing: Grade A (top 10%): $140 per tube with 30 days warranty, $25 extra for. I like the KT88 power tube rather than the modern production EL34's. Top of the line KT88 tube, previously purchased here in SNA. All 6sn7 driver tubes are NOS and I will include the VAC (stock) 6SN7 as well. KT88 6550 TESLA NOS 1982 Match Quads Made for Military Premium Version NOT JJ Opens in a new window or tab. 6550: Tung Sol-Gray Plate--3 Holes--May be branded other than Tung Sol. 1V input sensitivity 100K input impedance AC balance control 1000V PS. Type: Description: Price : 6550: Tung Sol Black Plate-No holes May be branded other than Tung Sol: $295 ea New $175 ea Used. Mar 22, 2022 - KT88 Genalex Gold Lion England NOS circa 1960 in original box - top getter only - 1st version made - slightly tilted glass 137ma Gm=11,450 SINGLE TUBE ONLY TUBE PLUGGED INTO OCTAL SOCKET IN PICTURE TESTED ON AMPLITREX NOS mA range 130-140ma NOS Gm range 11000-12000 General Information - McIntosh MC-275- McInt. I also found a Tube Tec valve that was pretty darn good. 99 per tube, provided in original boxes. Was doing a little comparitive checking between testers and I had a little problem with my old 539B. We are all things tubes, Guitar amps, Bass amps and Hifi amps. Almost everything you see on eBay sold as new, is not. I have been using KT88 and NOS Tungsol in Leslie and Dyanco for years and am not being argumentative with you as you know your Majors much better than I do. NOS Tubes Sound Better 14 Klipsch RF-7 Speakers 17 Berning Micro ZOTL Amp — 19 Craftsmen C 500 Amps 21 Eckland KT88 Amp Project 26 6550 Shoot Out Hi Fi 28 previous 6550/KT88 article in 1996, many more facts about the origin of these "popular" types has come to light. Looking for some comments about the quality of differ KT88 valves sound GEC KT88 UK made tubes or any other modern / NOS KT88 please. English-USD NOS-6922-ADAPTED: TubeDepot: 5670W & 5670 TO 6922 ADAP COMBO NOS-6CA4-TELE: TubeDepot: TELEFUNKEN 6CA4 / EZ81 213STANDARD_TUBE_SET: TubeDepot: VAC. Audio Research branded KT88 NOS quad Amplitrax 1000 tested. New old stock Clix 8 pin loctal (B8B) tube socket. Unlike most KT88 tubes, they have virtually no microphonics at all. The 6L6 5881 KT66 7027 and EL37 Tube. Petersburg factory DISCONTINUED: out of production since 2011. The sound, availability, price, ability to get Apex-matched tubes, and robust build quality pushed me to make this my house tube. (3) TELEFUNKEN EL156 Audio Tubes - NOS/NIB/Unused, KT88 Sub. This item: Vacuum Tube Socket, 8 Pin/Octal, Ceramic, Chassis Mount. As a matter of fact, the same factory makes also a 300B variant (not nearly as good as 845 in my subjective opinion) they also make KT88 which is actually interesting alternative, although not as. , Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2 GETTEROLOGY Don't we all want to read from the getter how good the tubes are ;) Well sometimes you can. Details about KT88 SVETLANA WINGED C MATCHED QUAD NOS VALVE/TUBE. 99 shipping or Best Offer 13 watching Ganalex Gold Lion KT88/6550 Tested Matched Pair $1,130. It's nearly impossible to find truly NOS NIB GEC KT88s these days. Brimar thermionic products KT88 (part no: BTP-KT88) is a beam tetrode that has been selected for its sonic purity, and is most suitable for audio Hi-fi power amp applications. You can purchase these tubes from your dealer or directly from the factory. This is for the Rogue 88 Magnum. Previous NOS Valves customers, and active Klipsch, AudioKarma, and Steve Hoffman forum members are eligible for a discount; e-mail me for details. KT88 GEC NOS Match Quad 4 Tubes Specially made For Western Electric By SHUGUANG - $145. Description The purpose of this KT88 / KT66 /6550 / KT90 / KT120 page is to give an overview about what KT66, KT88. In generally,KT88 SE 10 W means around 15 W(min)capability of Audio transformer needed and power transformer is at least 170mA 420V from 360V for UL and Triode connection or bigger. The Shuguang KT88-Z Treasure Series tubes arrived today, Monday, (shipped from China on Friday!) Two Grade A matched pair (actually a plate-current-matched quad) in two large foam-lined gift boxes, with hinged lids, serial numbers and inspection tags. he JJ/TESLA KT88 has gained a worldwide reputation for sound quality and reliability and this valve has proved an excellent valve for all applications. The kt88 SET amp is using Shuguang Treasure 'Black bottle" kt88-z output tubes and NOS Raytheon 6sl7 "red base" driver tubes and Sovtek 5ar4 rec tube. Audiophile Tube Price List. All in a SEP amp and all except the Tung Sol KT-120’s in a push pull amp. KT88 SVETLANA C NOS; KT88 SVETLANA C NOS Availability: In stock. KT88 KT120 KT150 KT170 6550 VALVES - TUBES - IN STOCK - FAST SHIPPING - AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND - GOLD LION. I have tried Siemens EL34 and new production tubes JJ EL34 and Electro-Harmonix EL34EH. These vintage RCA tubes have three getters and smooth plates with 3 holes. The 6N1P driver tube can be swapped with a 6DJ8 / ECC88 / E88CC. The Institute comprises 33 Full and 14 Associate Members, with 16 Affiliate Members from departments within the University of Cape Town, and 17 Adjunct Members based nationally or internationally. This tube are really great for the HIFI. NOS Valves: Vintage Tube Amplifiers For Sale. Matched pair SED Winged KT88 tubes, NOS. My pre (Audio Mirror T-61) uses the 6n1p and is presently running a NOS RCA rectifier. PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save. FOR SALE: NOS Winged C KT88 Quads. 95 TECH-1667-18S Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant, Permatex, $7. Matched PAIR NOS / NIB GEC KT88 Power Tubes Platinum Matched to within 1%!! The absolute BEST KT88 money can buy Made in Great Britain Identical Date & Batch Codes (WF = June 1965) Identical Construction Black Plates / Triple Getter Perfect Lettering & GEC Labels Ori. The KT88 spec is 800v / 600v maximum, whereas the 6550 spec is 600v / 450v maximum. I was wondering what country and manufacturer is making the best NEW tubes for the money? Russia . KT88 output tubes, Standard Full bias control per output tube with above-chassis test points and multi-turn controls 1. The CV345 or 12E1 tube has the sme pin out as the KT88 except on the KT88 pin 3 is the plate (anode) whereas on the CV345 the plate is connected to the top cap. 6 watchers 6 watchers 6 watchers. KT88 SVETLANA WINGED C MATCHED QUAD NOS VALVE/TUBE. WILLSENTON R8 GOLD LION VALVE SET. For the tubes, I decided to use some KT88. The preference to KT88 is because GREAT 6550s can break the bank. NOS Valves will guarantee most of these offerings depending on work done. Cayin CS-88A KT88 Silver - Amplificateur HiFi Intégré à Tubes - 2 x 47 Watts - Ampli à tubes - Tubes KT88 - Modes triode et linéaire - Entrées ligne et direct in Nos clients recommandent EasyLounge. The latter is capable of handling HD audio files up to 32-bit and 384 kHz from a Mac or PC. We carry all of the major brands in NOS, vintage and New Production vacuum tubes. This is a suitable replacement for any 6550/KT-88 tube type. European KT88's but the tubes can be interchanged without issues. Sophia Electric EL34 tube is a direct replacement of vintage Telefunken from Germany, or Mullard from UK. Hitoshi Kamada - October 25th, 2014. KT88/6550 Compatible Single Ended Amplifier 5th Jan 2014 8W rms chally loid play Jazz. This is a good load for EL34's, KT88's, 6L6's, and the likes. While I never installed the tubes, I cannot vouch for what AR’s supplier did. $30 for 12 months with PayPal. 50: RE: Shuguang Treassure Series KT88-Z vs. KT88 is a beam power tetreode, its anode limited dissipation power is 42W. Description Sino/Chinese Shuguang KT88 - Billington Gold Triple tested and matched. This design is replicated in tubes such as Sovtek 6550WE and Svetlana 6550SV. McIntosh MC75/275 NOS Tubes KT88/6550/12AT7/12AX7 etc For. manual to see if the KT90 is safe to use in your amplifier. The blue ink on most OTK 61, some are blurred or missing digits. KT88 KT120 KT150 6550 Audio Valves Tubes Amps Melbourne. 95 TECH-Y10CFC 10 Zip Ties - 4" $0. The purpose of this KT88 / KT66 /6550 / KT90 / KT120 page is to give an overview about what KT66, KT88. Shop our great selection of KT88, 6550, KT90, KT120, KT150, vacuum tubes now. I've been the happy owner of a PrimaLuna Prologue One integrated valve amplifier for some years now. Bluetooth Röhrenverstärker mit KT88 Röhren. Only tubes I've rolled in my amp is the 2 gain tubes with a couple of NOS Brimar. Internally, a 6550 is a beam tetrode like a 6L6. Browse all Hardware Ads; Browse categories; Software. In the audio amplifier, the power can be 100W when it is used as push-pull class AB1 with double tubes, it can also be used in electronic voltage regulator circuit. demo pair: Sophia Electric Princess Carbon Plate 300B Vacuum Tubes with 30 days warranty. Clean crisp sound, no distortion, no hiss or noise. Also the most common electrical circuits are given for KT88 and 6550. AT1000 tested with results attached to boxes. 6550: Tung Sol--Gray Plate--No Holes--May be branded other than Tung Sol: $249 ea New $149 ea Used. 00: Matches Quads & Octets available. What sets the Cayin CS-55 KT88 apart other tube amplifiers is its integrated USB DAC. The JJ KT88 is a beam Kinkless Tetrode (KT) output tube with a power output potential of 42 watts. CV181-Z Shuguang Treasure - Premium grade Single Tube. 77 New Svetlana KT88-SV Gold Grid Vacuum Tube Svetlana $110. Prices & Availability are subject to change, normally any changes are posted to this page as soon as possible. These tubes are carefully tested on TV-7/U at 69-68/44 min good. Upgraded my Audio Space Galaxy 88 amplifier's tubes about a month ago with a quad of Gold Lion kt88 from kt88 JJ's. Give these a try - you'll love your TONE!! CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www. If you care about tone, re-tube with Tung-Sol. Watch a video on How To Spot a NOS KT88 / 6550 vacuum tube! click on screen at left. Tung-Sol designed the 6550 tube to take much higher voltages and generate more power than 6L6. If you are looking for NOS Power Output tubes we probably have it in stock! We provide stringent testing using our Maximatcher and Amplitrex AT-1000, and with our large inventory of power tube types, Click Here for NOS 6550=6550A=KT88 Tube Inventory. As a result, KT88's and 6550's are produce cleaner tones and have low distortion, making it popular amongst bass amplifiers and high end audio applications. Great for applications where high headroom is beneficial. JJ tubes suck ass, I was hoping you found a new source like the NOSnothing like the fullness they produced back in the day. 95 TECH-20-2135 2" Aluminum Shielding Tape $0. I will warranty the amplifier for 1 year repair you cover all shipping costs. Fortunately, while NOS KT88's are unobtanium, NOS EL34 are still . Reviews and Customer Ratings on el34. 5% total harmonic distortion or up to about 50W at low distortion. 95 TL-GLOVE Polycarbonate Safety Glasses $2. The Gm was around 5500 and the Ip around 68 on both tubes. 6550 / KT88 / KT90 Power Vacuum Tubes • New & NOS. In fact, a friend give me a spare matched quad of NOS (plain old) Gold Lion tubes + the needed output transformers so. In general, the KT88 tube has a magical mid-range . New Old Stock / New In the Box * No longer available for export. Product name: Genalex Gold Lion KT88 Reissue. TAD 6550A-STR · 6550A-STR, TAD-Tubes Premium Matched · TAD KT88-STR · KT88-STR TAD Premium Matched · Svetlana 6550C (winged) - bulk - NOS - tested good. In fact most tube amps use some ECC82. 95 TECH-10ZT4 TechSpray Isopropyl Alcohol 16oz. INCLUDES: MATCHED QUAD GOLD LION KT88. Read more about NOS Mullard MO Valve KT88 (Single) Gold Lion, Genelex, GEC; NOS Tung Sol 6550. True NOS NIB VINTAGE GEC Genalex KT88 6550 Vacuum Tube. 91 shipping GEC KT88 Black Plate Triple Getter Valve/Tube Tested Strong & Clean (V48) $398. In general, the KT88 tube has a magical mid-range similar to the smaller EL34 tube, but with low and high end extremes that reach much further More Details 11 Products Preferred Series KT88 (21 Reviews) USD $‎89. The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik KT88-TK is a newly manufactured and cryogenically treated version of the legendary KT88. Der Cayin MT-50 ist nur 36 cm . WILLSENTON R8 GOLD LION KT88 UPGRADE. Due to its availability and characteristics, the KT88 is popular in hi-fi production amplifiers. NOS Audios Tubes; Audios Tubes Actual; 2A3 Serie Tubes; 300B Serie Tubes; 6550 Serie tubes; 6L6 Serie Tubes; ECC81/12AT7 Serie Tubes; ECC82/12AU7 Serie Tubes; ECC83/12AX7 Tubes Série; EL34/6CA7 Serie Tubes; EL84/6BQ5 Serie Tubes; KT66/KT88 Serie Tubes; Ballast Tubes; Collector Tubes; Various Tubes; TRANSMITTER POWER TUBES. We have all major current production and select NOS EL34, KT77 and 6CA7 power tubes in stock. Otherwise they are all identical. Still have a box with 24 vintage KT88 Gold Lion NOS manufactured by Marconi-Osram Valve Co stored somewhere, most of them with the original box and certificate. As of 2018, KT88 valves are produced by Shuguang (), JJ Electronic (), Svetlana (), and New Sensor Corporation (Russia). The KT88 is a Beam power valve with an anode/plate dissipation [originally] of around 35 watts, it is sometimes referred to as a pentode by some people, but in fact the clue is in the title “KT” which stands for “kink-less tetrode” The main feature differences in the Kink-less Tetrode compared to the Pentode [and early Tetrode’s] was. KT88 6550 SUB NOS JAN 4D32 M/P One Pair replaces 4 X KT 88 tubes. Cayyi 4pc 8pin Bakelite Octal Vacuum tube sockets For KT88 EL34. Reviews: Open Box Willsenton R8 KT88/EL34 x4 Tube Integrated. The GEC KT88 at 550V illustrates how triode configuration adores high B+, compared to the miserable performance at 300V B+. New & NOS power tubes from Mullard, Tung-Sol, Telefunken, Sino, GE, Telefunken & more!. Köp JJ KT88 par hos Tradera! Skick: Begagnad Pris 799 kr. 96 New Matched Quad (4) Svetlana KT88-SV Gold Grid Vacuum Tubes Svetlana $432. Mizushima EL34 amp (Gen V2, with NOS Tesla EL34) Rega Planar 8 / MC Ania cartridge Altec A7-500 speakers If there is such thing as a perfect audio hifi system, it must be very close to this. What is the voltage demand on a marshall major? Let me know that and I may come up with a wager if you are a betting man. Product description will be detailed to afford the buyer peace of mind minimizing surprises. The Gold Lion reissue will sound closed in and at the same time aggressive and harsh in the treble and upper presence spectrum. Feb 01, 2009 · Maker Gold Aero Quantity Pair Model KT88 Price ¥Sold out!!. When designing the Classic Series, Psvane collected the most sought. Some clear top, some with the internal shield, now even a few with both!! Just a few left! 6CS7, NOS Raytheon Japan or a few USA brands), $9. The first thing you will detect is a complete different treble presentation between both tubes. KT88 I think that was the best. Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B749 is the ultimate in current production 12AX7. But you can now buy the KT120, which has specs of 850v / 600v. For a collection of datasheets, follow the link to 4tubes. Enter the KT120, the most powerful tube in the 6550/KT88/KT90 family. Ahhh the finest tubes in the world: Genalex KT66 and KT88 output tubes!. Unless the filaments have changed expect reliability problems. The tubes have very little “blue glow” from traces of gas left in the tube which ionizes under high voltage; this is one indication of good manufacturing techniques. For sale is a matched quad of KT88's, as follows: JAN/TESLA 1984 N. KT88 RF Parts Audio Tube (6550) $36. FOR SALE! (BIN for 1 Matched Quad or 4 Tubes) GEC KT88 New Old . The NessTone KT88 is a hand selected, tested and matched quality tube readily comparable to the Genalex Gold Lion KT88. Demo pair: Sophia Electric Coke-bottle Grade A KT88-ST Tubes (long life version) Demo pair: Sophia Electric Coke-bottle Grade A KT88-ST Tubes (long life version) Regular price Sold out Sale price $275. Register; Login; Place an Ad Free for hobbyists! Hardware. A friend lent me a pair of NOS GEC KT88 and the amp sounded really great! The KT88 tubes sound better, but they are quite expensive, the EH EL34 is one-third the price and it sounds good too!. I used 8 of them with great success just for a couple of hundred hours in a Jadis JA80. Other tubes I put them up against: Mullard KT88 (New and NOS) Svetlana 6550 Winged C (New and NOS) 6P3S (NOS) Svetlana 6550 (New) Preferred Series. Matched set JJ Electronics KT88 tubes - $50. I guess got very nice tone than 300B SE. These are NOT re-issues but from the late 60s the very first and best version of Genalex kt88 ever made. The KT88C is notable for its warmth and clarity across the entire audio spectrum. Qty: KT88 Svetlana -C- / Russia RARE. And no, it is not as easy as you would like, because a bad getter indicates a defective tube. The tube construction consists of triple getters, additional support posts, and cooling "fins" along the anode. Upscale Audio 2058 Wright Avenue La Verne, California 91750 (909) 931-9686. Tempting it may be to run KT88's in triode mode at over 500V B+ to get sensible triode powerI wouldn't recommend this as this approaching max Pdiss, the life expectancy would drop to the equivalent of a domestic light bulb. KT88 and despite this the Brimar thermionics KT88 is a worthy replacement for the classic 88' at a fraction of the NOS (New Old Stock) cost. Figure 2: Power Supply Schematic - OddBlock KT88 Series 1 Tube Amp. Cash only, if you see the ad, they're still for sale. DISCONTINUED: out of production since 2011. I have one 6550 amp and I was checking the GE's on this tester. KT88; 6550; EL84; 6V6; 5881; KT66; Vote. NOS in good original boxes and matching date codes 322KR3. 61 New Matched Pair (2) Svetlana KT88-SV Gold Grid Vacuum Tubes Svetlana $216. Quicksilver vacuum tube warranty period is 90 days from date of purchase. Many excellent "ANOS" (almost new old stock) and solid used 6CG7/6FQ7 are available now (a few RCA). The KT88 fits a standard eight-pin octal socket and has similar pinout and applications as the 6L6 and EL34. 91 shipping 13 watching GEC KT88 Black Plate Valve/Tube Tested Strong & Clean A (V12) $464. All KT88 Valves come Factory matched, AMPLITREX AT1000 matched or MAXIMATCHER matched. The IEC socket includes a 3 Ampere fuse and an EMI filter. It might be true that most new KT88 designs are really more similar to 6550. Svetlana 6550 Winged C (New and NOS) 6P3S (NOS). Switched kt88 tubes from JJ to Gold Lion - best sounding unsure. The original GEC KT88 produces a sort of airy treble resolution with a silky smooth gesture the reissue cannot match. Give these a try – you’ll love your TONE!! CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www. Its front panel features an on/off switch, a volume knob, a source selector, and a headphone output. New Old Stock * No longer available for export MFR: Sovtek SKU: 6V6GT-SOV | Add to Compare; Tube, Beam Power Amplifier, Taylor Tubes (6V6GT) $24. NOS Mullard MO Valve KT88 (Single) Gold Lion, Genelex, GEC. 300B is very diffcult to get 10W rms. 12E1 CV345 KT88 GEC NOS NIB dual getter Tube Valve Audio Amplifier #1443056 USD 118. The amp consists of 8/KT88 tubes and 4/6SN7 driver tubes. Hi, Kt88 has 42W as absolute maximum, and 35W as design maximum. Wonderful, sweet throated British tubes from the legendary Marconi-Osram Valve Co. New arrivals, JJ 6L6GC, JJ KT77, JJ ECC83S, and RUBY 6L6GCMSTR's. I have been on the KT88-6550 search for a few years with a Mcintosh MC60. This is a Quad (4 NOS tubes) of Vintage GE General Electric JAN 6550-A KT88 Military Spec Amplifier Tubes with Stapled Plates, New Old Stock , never ever . Immediately found a significant improvement listening to jazz where seems instrument's details when running LP's, for example piano and other instruments more. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, GOLD LION made in England NOS KT88. KT88 valves in stock available now from The Valve Store - Melbourne Australia. The NOS Genelax are sweet , but definitely overpriced. Excellent replacement output valve for the Marshall Major, retains the original sound. This is a matched set NOS from early 2000's. Willsenton R8 KT88 Valve Upgrade Melbourne Australia New. That is a different sound than a KT88s I like both, I have both Solvex and Golden Lyon (not my favorite). 그런데 KT88로도 교체가 가능하다고 하여 한번 바꿔볼까 . Direct replacement for any 6550 types. Over on Audio Asylum , however, there have been some comparisons between the NOS (tubes in excellent condition testing new) and the current production Gold Lion KT-88s. Also, they are some of the only large power tubes that could be classified as affordable in NOS. Many of the world's vacuum tubes are made in Russia. In Stock, delivery time approx. Quantity: 5 available / 7 sold. KT88 power tubes, please share your experience. GROUPING_SEXTET_MU-KT88 datasheet PDF download, TubeDepot Vacuum Tubes GROUPING_SEXTET_MU-KT88 Specifications: Vacuum Tubes 6 MULLARD KT88 NEW PRD PWR TB. relative to the KT88 and 6550, but is not an exact replacement. New In Original Box (unused) The Photos are actual Photos of tubes you are buying. KT88's generate a lot power, handling significantly more plate voltage than other power tubes. Mains power enters the amplifier through an IEC socket located at the rear of the amp. Note: These cannot directly replace KT88, because the bias setting is another, and also the sockets are another type. As a drop-in to existing 6550/KT88 amps, the KT120 is impervious to overload, delivering peak power with extreme reliability and almost infinite tube life. GEC KT88 (6550A) (CV5220) NOS Valve Tube $199. The Psvane Classic Series is focused on the reproduction of popular vacuum tubes found in classic audio equipment. demo pair: Sophia Electric Princess Carbon. NOS-6L6GC-RCA-BP: TubeDepot: RCA. Got NOS Siemens preamp tubes (dug the Mullards and GECs in my guitar amps, so why not?) and replaced the 6550s with KT88s. MATCH QUAD NOS UNUSED RCA 6550 / KT88 TUBES - #9. Ive tried everything mentioned here except the KR's. Hi there! I've decided to sell my Cayin HA-6A with: 2x Psvane KT88-II MK2 2x Anna Seghers (German brand) 12au7 NOS 2x 12au7 socket savers . I usually run NOS Telefunkens in the gain stage. UL KT88/6550 Sound very clear and powerfull. All in a SEP amp and all except the Tung Sol KT-120's in a push pull amp. 163 results for kt88 tubes golden. Welcome To the Hoffman Amplifiers Forum April 05, 2022, 07:34:38 am: Welcome, Guest.