70cm simplex frequencies. All scanners can receive this channel. 12500 : BM: 6m SSB Call : 6m SSB Calling. 950mhz VK6RAA Mount Barker Amateur Radio 70cm …. 2 when it is turned on) *LINKED. 4 National AM Calling Frequencies. Lawrence County RACES/ARES: 446. If all parties talking are close enough to communicate without the repeater, then you should move to a simplex frequency…. MMDVM Simplex ( New and Improved ) 1V8. Download print or program UK frequencies into your radio scanner or software, scanner export for Uniden …. 2 Meter Note: Because of concerns over interference from adjacent channels, other states use a channel spacing of 20 kHz, while southern Nevada uses 30 kHz and Alaska uses 60 kHz. 520 Dresden/ Petrolia DRESDN7-70cm 445. What is the 70cm calling frequency? The simplex calling frequencies (146. Manual Programming the Baofeng UV-5R. They would be equally valid for C4FM, though the 433. Repeater inputs and outputs (local option) 445. Well, things are about to change again. Allstar and echo link work and frequencies anywhere between 440-450MHz are valid. 5000 MHz, FM Simplex, U280 ; 433. I use the name Ch 16, for example. The 70cm (440) frequencies have been de-conflicted with all repeaters within 65 miles of Crestview. 9 Inch 144/245/430Mhz Whip Antenna for Baofeng Anytone Kenwood TYT Mobile Radios at Amazon frequencies, simplex …. I have not used this band myself but this appears to be the most popular spacing to follow in this band. It took me hours but it could take you minutes. Please note that any operation is permitted to use any available frequency, as needs dictate — the planning represents a starting point. The national simplex calling frequency (the band's equivalent to 146. To work simplex with your DMR or C4FM radio please do not use the FM analog national call frequencies 2m …. What Frequency Do I Use on 70 Centimeters?. 1 point per simplex contact on a specified band and mode. This is the frequency where your DMR transceiver will receive, e. (if at net time the frequency …. 8 E D Event Simplex Frequency EVENT 147. After bending the 5th dipole I had resonance at the desired frequency range of the 70cm satellite band (435 - 438 MHz). 000 FM 70cm Calling Frequency 446. Ham Radio Simplex Frequencies for 2 Meter / 70cm and more · For new hams who are likely to get started in local VHF/UHF operation, the national calling frequencies to be concerned with are 2m and 70cm FM simplex …. 70 cm band – All licence classes Please note the band plan changes which have been adopted for the purpose of overcoming interference problems caused by LIPD (“Low Interference Potential” devices in the band 433. 000 National Simplex Frequency 445. 0365 MHz which includes simplex and the upper 2/3rd of the repeater output portion of the 70cm …. Note that the output frequencies on channels 15R to 22R match that of the GMRS high power simplex frequencies (15-22); these channels are shared by simplex and repeater users. The Utah coordinators have dedicated much of the spectrum often available for simplex to repeater control, repeater linking and. 4375 Mhz U275 FM/DV UHF / VHF DV SIMPLEX DMR Time Slot 1 , Colour Code 1 , Talk Group 9 The time slot, color code and talk group are based on what's in the majority of code plugs. UK Nationwide Frequencies Fireground Dmr. *= In spectrum shared with repeater inputs, no new links recommended, and will be handled on case by case basis. Like others have mentioned, I'm sure that simplex frequencies vary by region, but these do fall within the 70cm band plan as "simplex" . 8 442 FM simplex calling frequency is 1294. With the move to 70cm, this means users of the packet digipeater will have to make adjustments for Doppler on both simplex…. Canadian radio systems and spectrum utilization policies set the necessary elements for the use of frequency bands and/or radio services. 42 MHz FM Simplex is a ham radio 2 meter frequency commonly used as a chat or SHTF practice channel by mainstream Prepper organizations. We could just as easily use channels below 446. 9125 MHz: 70cm DV Simplex 3 & Hotspot: 438. Effectively extends the range of the ht’s on simplex. National Simplex Calling Frequency 146. There are 8 frequencies allocated for analogue radios, 16 frequencies for dPMR digital radios and 8 frequencies …. 70-centimeter band frequencies ; 433. 175 MHz FM simplex; 6m FM Call Frequency*: 52. It also means that when you transmit, you are less likely to interfere with other users that cannot change frequency…. 9000 MHz: 70cm DV Simplex 1 (Primary) 438. Please do not use the 2m (146. ): 2 meter band FM simplex frequencies. 25 meter simplex calling frequency) / --- ---- Government (RECEIVE ONLY!) ---- 460. 5 2m simplex frequency - w0tlm 4 spx555 147. We do not coordinate simplex frequencies. Contest Frequencies: Contest frequencies fall . 6MHz split, NO CTCSS) 23cm FM Repeater …. When the primary Net Controller gives the instruction to do so, go to the VHF Simplex frequency assigned to your region of the county. All contacts must be made during the event period. net and find your local repeater, then note the following settings, and program them into your radio: The Offset: The difference between the Output and the Input frequencies (either a positive or a negative frequency). 430 (ch-4), monitor it for EE123 traffic SMPLX2M (ch-1) is 146. 5 70 cm fm calling frequency 3 spx42 147. WINTERHEAT 2022 is a month long amateur radio simplex event. 520 are “General Simplex” frequencies. The sampling frequency, known as the Nyquist frequency, requires that the sampling clock only needs to operate in excess of the highest frequency encountered in the bandwidth of the signal of interest, not the whole bandwidth from DC to maximum frequency. 440 Mhz (420-450 Mhz, sometimes called 70 cm band) 446. ZODIACO TORO 0902 01 May IZ2CDR ITALY [EU] 70cm …. FM simplex is allowed on every band where voice communications is allowed. Repeaterbook does not conduct any enforcement of the band plans …. Operations – Ohio Simplex Contest. 70 cm Ham TV Frequencies--- The CATV channels 57 - 61 span the 70cm ham band. (Updated 16th December 2016 with respect to the two calling frequency …. In my radio, the channels set up for use with my duplex hotspots: Receive Frequency: 445. Any frequency valid for your license class can be used personally, these will be the simplex …. It must be as predicted or very close on all frequencies. Put both of the frequencies into the vhf-uhf dual banders and set it to crossband. Columbiana, K8GQB, 6m, 2m, 70cm. This system is quite special, because it uses pulse modulation. Additionally is there a radio with the CTCSS and DCS functionality as well. 500 MHz: D-Star - recommended national calling frequency:. • Only mode allowed is FM phone simplex on the 2 meter, 1. 520 MHz as the National Simplex Calling Frequency. W6YRA/R is a closed repeater, for the UCLA community, that is coordinated with SCRRBA. In order to reduce interference most repeaters use a CTCSS, Continuous Tone. 7750 Hospital Paging Beacons 430. What Frequencies should I monitor or use during the contest? Participants are welcome to use any frequency that is consistent with their licence conditions within the 2m and 70cm bands. Adapted from the WWARA and RAC 70-cm band plans. 70cm Simplex Digital Frequencies · 01. 2m FM Simplex Calling FM Ham 432. Single radio board with split frequency…. When searching for contacts, keep in mind they could be calling on any of the simplex frequencies listed here. 3V line like all other simplex …. Another example is the different assignments of spectrum for FM Voice Simplex, and Packet/ Digital Simplex. I'm sorting out a UHF radio and filling in some blank channels with some frequencies that may be useful one day. Calling out “CQ CQ this is WW8TF in Summit County for the Ohio Simplex Contest” is all you need to do. Basic Simplex Basic Repeater Communication Popular 50 W DMR Repeaters Hytera RD-982 Repeater $2000 $1800 $1800. Secondary Operating (MA/RI Emergency Net) 3925. 900 LSB H3900 H3900 Indiana ARES Primary HF Net frequency (voice) 7. 49 MHz for ITU Regions 2 & 3 - Americas, Southern Asia and Pacific. 70 Centimeters (440 MHz) On the 70CM band, FM Simplex …. The goal and purpose is for amateur radio operators to make as many contacts as possible over a month long period of time using only designated simplex frequencies…. A map showing DMR repeaters and their frequencies …. 6125 Mhzbecause nothing else has been agreed the rest of the 2m and 70cm bands are general classed as all mode so should you. Let's take a look at the frequencies that can be used on 70 centimeters. FM Repeater Outputs (25 MHz duplex split, 12. The “packet” and “no voice” threw me a little. The "rubber duck" antenna on your HT as if comes from. Simplex Pacific Hwy (NSW) & Bruce Hwy (Qld) Road Channel. 5 KHz (Refer Narrow Band Allocation chart below) ** Shared frequencies for intermittent control of repeater or remote base. 0750 MHz Internet voice gateways (12. Others many want to use these for simplex QSOs or other itinerant purposes so please don’t park your node on any of these three frequencies…. They are based on national and regional band plans: 2m (144-148MHz): 146. Ham Radio Repeater Frequencies. UHF 80 Channel Frequency List. 37500mhz Eclipse Taxis simplex channel-----494. Tags: 70 cm repeater band plan arrl chapter 6 arrl module 15. 2 of 8 70 cm Ham TV Frequencies--- The CATV channels 57 - 61 span the 70cm ham band. 00 MHz) is reserved for "Auxiliary and Control Links, Repeaters, and Simplex (Local Option)". This article gathers all information regarding band plans in the US. Repeater net contacts: Repeater operations …. Note = Rx & Tx is related to the radio set up. For 2 meter repeaters the offset frequency is usually +/- 600kHz from the Repeater Frequency. 005 MHz) – The American Preppers Network (TAPRN) Channel 9 (27. Repeaters are equipped with diesel …. Southern California Open 440MHz FM Voice Repeaters. Frequencies Notes; AD8FL/R: 146. 850 is to be used only along the Wasatch Front) 447. I also have an Amateur License and have programmed 2m and 70cm, simplex and repeater channels. 2m / 70cm Simplex Contact (using the Calling Frequency) The 2m FM voice calling frequency is 145. 075 – alternate 440 simplex 3 7. A web search revealed nothing, so I would suspect that there is no standard UHF frequency for D-STAR hot spots, in Kansas or anywhere else. 990, Repeater Inputs - 20 KHz spacing odd 10 KHz (See Note 2). VHF (2m) & UHF (70cm) Simplex Frequencies Larry Hoffman | W5UWF #6996. It may be useful to program the simplex and repeater frequencies …. 175 MHz Simoco Concrete-----2 Meter VHF Amateur Radio Repeater's 146. As you first un-box your new D-STAR radio, the first thing to do is to make sure that it works on FM. All major modes including DMR, DSTAR, FUSION and P25 work and frequencies anywhere between 440-450MHz are valid. VK3RTV Digital Amateur Television. In areas that use 15-kHz channels, the adjacent channels are 146. We share the analogue allocation as it's noted FM/DV (Digital Voice) however DV users are not to use the FM calling channel as another has been allocated specifically for digital. 125 National SSB Calling Frequency (USB) 50. The actual band plan does not specify specific frequencies except for 146. Across all of North America, 446. 30 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work 432. For 20-meters, if the frequency …. There is good information on this at the Ham Radio School web site. The location is the backup repeater site, northwest of Wauseon and it operates on a frequency of 442. 4500 MHz: FM Simplex: U276: 433. The first Hotspots allowed hams to connect to various D-STAR reflectors, but now similar solutions exist for DMR, P25, etc. This is the National Calling Frequency for 70cm. Woooah Nellie! You look a bit lost. The 70-centimeter or 440 MHz band is a portion of the UHF radio spectrum internationally allocated to amateur radio and amateur satellite use. At these higher frequencies, coaxial cable attenuates rf more rapidly and …. 050 Updated: 7/31/2020 by K3MJN 446. 390 MHz FM/DV Repeater Inputs (10 KHz channel spacing) 51. D-Star simplex needed a half watt to. When you press the PTT button on your hand-held, you transmit on a 70cm frequency, the mobile radio that you have set to cross band repeater, receives the signal and rebroadcasts it on the 2m frequency …. Sawyer Mini Water Filter Conversion Kit (4-pack) $29. The HF Simplex Frequencies are determined based on the recommendations of the National interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) and are to be considered the optimum frequency. 400 FM25 CHANNEL 14 HAM RADIO SIMPLEX U272. FM Simplex operation on 70 cm: For whatever reason, as large as 70 cm is, there are presently only four official simplex frequencies in use in Utah. There are two major formats for most two-way radios. Base stations can have power up to 1,500 watts. What are the most common 70m simplex frequencies that are. (TS1 or 2 – 2 preferred for traffic reasons) 310997 – Parrot – but only in some networks. Spankymedic7 said: Here are some of the common 70cm simplex frequencies that I have in all of my radios 445. I have all the simplex channels in from 433. The 70cm national simplex calling frequency …. 5000 - FM Simplex Calling Frequency 927. All the above are Simplex, no tone. Below you will find all the WinSystem and Affiliated Repeater sites. 000 Simplex National Calling 446. This article attempts to cover the topic in a way that applies to all … Continue reading Simplex …. ARES – Ham Radio Spartanburg. Oklahoma Repeater Society Inc. 5 23 NN FM 5 2m simplex frequency …. Recommended DMR Simplex Frequencies 70cm 441. Well Known Channel Name GMRS Jargon Channel Name Frequency Notes Max Power; 1: Interstitial 5625: 462. 5, Sunset Ridge, Linked to (2) K6TEM 70cm repeaters. Cross Banding Presentation from Dave Collins. Don't want to interfere with anyone if we don't have to, so if anyone could point me to a list of 70cm simplex …. 475: The usual backup frequency…. The 23 cm FM frequency may see some use during the event 1294. National Call Simplex - Key- The frequency listed is the output frequency of the repeater. I keep reading references to 446 MHz …. The 70 cm band (420 to 450 MHz) is another popular ham band for simplex and repeater operating, so we’ll take a look at that band now. Please note that any operation is permitted to use any available frequency…. Amateur Radio Simplex and Calling Frequencies. The 2-meter band is a very high-frequency band whose allocations typically range from 144 MHz to 148 MHz. 1000 Digital Code Squelch CSQL use #13 as a D-Star simplex frequency …. Output Input Tone Out Tone In Callsign Description County; 145. 000, but I should hope this is plenty. 120 Digital data modes (Note 1) 18. DMR, C4FM and D-STAR Simplex Frequencies …. I've been using openspot/shark for couple weeks now in Texas, and New Mexico, and trying to find a list of freqs recommended for simplex …. 100 MHz is the calling frequency for 70cm SSB, which your rig cannot do. I’ve written about 2m band plans before. Users with 2 meter radios closer to Cumberland may use Black Mountain simplex. These two receivers cover the entirety of the repeater output portion of the 70cm band: The repeater input frequencies (which, for Utah, are 5 -458" - An "RTL-SDR blog" Ver. An Emergency Frequencies List. The National Calling Frequency for this band is 223. It basically means that you will now know where to listen for other users. The most popular frequencies in the simplex subbands fall on even 20kHz frequencies. In a simplex channel, two ham radios communicate through a single frequency. Football Stadiums, Arena's, Media & TV Events. 400 none Simplex 1=primary, 2=secondary etc. 075 MHz: Simplex Often used for cross-patching to 146. 475 - Repeater input (paired with 147. 000 - National Simplex Calling Channel, 70cm" HF FREQUENCIES Mode Rx Freq Description LSB 3987. Because a repeater can only support one conversation at a time, it is important that you refrain from monopolizing its time. 115 DXpeditions Frequently operate CW and SSB here. Australia Amatuer Radio Frequency Allocations Frequencies Allowed by Licence Class Advanced Standard Band Frequency Band Fr. 5 KHz UHF commercial and 70cm all have different offsets. 000 National 70cm Simplex Calling Frequency 144. 10000 BM 70cm SSB Call : 70cm SSB Calling USB Ham 446. The two meter simplex frequency must not have its 3rd harmonic within the 70cm ATV 6 MHz wide passband. This is a work in progress 432. The signals frequency (from around 27. I believe they are using these frequencies for some of the digital audio modes, such as DMR. [tabs] About [callout] Rule Part 47 C. Does your state/regional frequency coordinator have a 70 cm band plan with recommended simplex frequencies? Did you check the ARRL …. Long Beach California Frequencies 1) A complete list on Long Beach Frequencies 2) Long Beach Police Penal Codes, 10 Codes 3) Long Beach …. Don't forget the simplex frequencies; 146. 70cm Simplex Channels – Frequency Old Name Frequency New Name Use SU16 433. Would have to adapt the socket though. Here’s a list of DMR simplex frequencies. Open repeaters are operated by individuals and clubs for the benefit of all radio amateurs. AllStar 70cm Simplex Node -Frequency range of 440-450MHz ( most commonly used on simplex frequenices from 445. Occasionally you want to use your radio without having to use a repeater. Sunnyvale ARES 2m simplex Tactical-B: 146. 8 pl tone) mode - fm analog / c4fm digital / wires-x (located near taylorsville, ky. Below are the recommended simplex frequencies …. As of June, 2019 most EOC simplex frequencies …. Service / Frequency: Amateur, UHF (400-520MHz), VHF (134-180MHz) Number of Bands: Antenna tested perfectly with SWRs at 1. 505 - Repeater input (paired with 147. 70cm national national simplex calling frequency band would be 446. 20 Linear translator outputs Note: Simplex frequencies are shown with 15 KHz spacing to help avoid interference. 65 RAYNET EMERGENCY COMMS PRIORITY NATIONAL USAGE FM. To navigate, press the arrow keys. See more ideas about ham radio, radio, …. Yaesu FT-7900R 50W Dual-Band 2M/70CM Mobile Amateur Radio The FT-7900R is ideal for the active Ham who has a need for simplex, repeater, or FM satellite operation on both bands, Frequency …. Observance is all voluntary, but good amateur radio practice is to honor band plans and gentleman’s. Specifying band frequencies does not distract from the enjoyment of working on the 70-centimeter band. 52500 w9fcm* tuc metro tucson o,l,voip 107. Primary Operating and Calling (MA/RI Emergency Net) 3935. National simplex frequency: 447. Try something new, these frequencies should be stored in every HT or mobile. 4375 MHz Digital modes (special projects) 70. 62 : CSQ: R (MULTIPLE REPEATERS) 50. Do not use these frequencies for any digital work. This is a single card with the HAM 70cm. To use the repeater, you just transmit6, the repeater picks up the signal and re-broadcasts it on its output frequency. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference for Amateur Radio 70cm FM Simplx : 70cm FM Simplex Calling : FM : Ham : 902. To work simplex with your DMR or C4FM radio please do not use the FM analog national call frequencies 2m ( 146. 4625 Auxiliary FM Duplex Link Output Frequency Pairs 927. 53 MHz, but you may find it anywhere between 144. 2333 OEG Sponsor: Michael Bracci VA3PS DRESDN2-2m 147. To program a frequency make sure that you are in frequency mode, as opposed to channel mode. I'm programming a radio for a ham friend, what are the common 70cm Simplex Frequencies used in this area?. Your entire signal needs to fit within the band - not just your center frequency. the CATV channels land exactly in the amateur 70cm band. spencer county - 70cm (kx4dn) rx - 443. What is the 70 cm band for ham radio? The 70 cm band (420 to 450 MHz) is another popular ham band for simplex and repeater operating, so we'll . These are image files, which can be opened by selecting “File->Open” in CHIRP. They are channels 57 through 61. The SERA bandplan (the coordinating body for the southeast, not including Ohio [which isn't in the southeast of course]) specifies the following 70cm FM simplex frequencies. Dallas / Fort Worth Repeaters (Quicklist) This is a quick list of local Dallas/Fort Worth repeaters. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HYS VHF UHF Mult-Band Mobile Radio 2 Meter & 70cm Antenna 37. Here is a video talking a little bit about the UHF bands 440Mhz, 900Mhz and 1. 25m band FM simplex calling frequency. For 70cm repeaters the offset is usually +/- 5. 450 freq falls under the NCPA 70cm …. This is a single card with the HAM 70cm simplex frequencies. The offset (difference between input and output frequency…. The feeder I use for the 2M / 70cm beam and the Diamond X-50 colinear is Westflex 103, 50 Ohm coaxial cable. An example using RG-58 type coax on 10Mhz vs 400Mhz increases loss by about 10db per hundred feet! 2. Event and Field Data Entry using the D7 HT. Meet on the WC4PEM repeaters 2. Any frequency valid for your license class can be used . 00000 BM 70cm FM Simplx : 70cm FM Simplex Calling FM Ham 1294. Most DMR activity is centred around the 70cm repeater networks, but DMR simplex activity does exist on both 70cm & 2m, and performs very well indeed! Program the UK DV channels into your radio and add DH3 to your scan list. Lawrence, K4ETD has organized a second operating event to help us get familiar with UHF simplex …. 5 2m fm calling frequency 2 call446 446. 0750 Simplex & Packet (25 kHz …. There are although a number of operators who make simplex contacts on 70cm…. 000 MHz is the "national FM calling frequency" and probably should be tried first. FM Simplex operation on 70 cm: Although the Southern Nevada Repeater Council does not coordinate simplex VOIP node frequencies, the following are suggested: Analog (Wide or Narrow Band) Simplex: 446. Single radio board with single frequency, totally valid. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; …. 25 MHz is most commonly used for local simplex …. Auxiliary FM Duplex Link Input Frequency Pairs. 6125 MHz: DMR Simplex: DH3: Calling. W0TLM 2m 70cm frequency list- Rev 11. Also, under typical urban conditions, building, trees and other clutter reduce the simplex range of 70cm somewhat in comparison to 2 meters. 630 MHz Digital Voice (DV) calling: 50. If they BigRedBee Price: $265 Type: Frequency agile, AA powered all in one tracker. The Shift – This is the difference between the output frequency and the input frequency. In the event of a disaster we have our radios pre-programmed on the following frequencies: 442. Mobile communications just got easier thanks to KENWOOD's TM-261A (2m) and TM-461A (70cm) single banders -- fully equipped and supremely user-friendly. 06875 MHz ‘B’ as 70cm and ‘C’ as 2 meters. 000 Mhz is the National FM simplex calling frequency. Their chart discusses digital modes but lays out frequencies assuming a continuing meteoric rise in FM and packet …. We do not presently have a fixed repeater. I have also found locals (perhaps groups who haven't heard of COMSEC apparently) who freely talk about their illegal use of ham bands or how their prepping is going. 000 Repeater Inputs & Outputs Standard FM Repeaters 77 - Repeater Pairs, 25 KHz spacing 5 MHz. Click any map pin to get details of the repeater (s) at that location. I am usually found on the BEARS repeater system, but can also be found on simplex frequency 146. The files include most of the 2M and 70CM …. There are many excellent and inexpensive 2m only radios. Status, March 2020: both repeaters have recently had hardware and software upgrades; they are temporarily off-air for a site relocation; in the process, the callsign and frequencies …. Primary 70cm D-STAR simplex D08 441. While the format is very different, it is meant to represent the 70cm band plan published before November 2020, just in a easier to understand format. -7,6 or 0 for simplex frequencies…. Here is a chart of the channels that I’ve come up with. 300 Mixed Mode & Weak Signal 432. In this post, I share my 2m/70cm frequency and repeater list which I’m constantly revising and editing. 250-MHz video carrier frequency ; 432. For the OP -- this is how it reverse is generally used: 1. 500 or regionally selected alternative. While the format is very different, it is meant to represent the 70cm band plan …. The national simplex calling frequency for 2 meters is 146. Franklin, KE8SAU, 6m, 2m, 70cm . The channels are commonly grouped into repeater inputs, simplex, and repeater output frequencies. But to be fair, MARC's mandate is to coordinate repeaters. The Texas VHF-FM Society Frequency Coordination committee and invited guests gathered at the University of Texas at Arlington on …. 500, MISC MIXED MODES (PER ARRL BAND PLAN) 70CM (420-450 MHz) Bandplan: . the control operator to assign up to two frequency pairs per …. 3525 or 438,3525: shift: number: x: DMR, FM: This is the shift of the repeater, e. As for moving a QSO from the calling frequency, then the 25 KHz channel steps are the most used. Simplex channel systems are the most basic communication systems for ham radios. 375 Un-channelized Simplex, Multiple use. 050 alt) The Ohio Simplex Contest is sponsored yearly by the ARRL Ohio Section and Ohio ARES. Doug, the way you read BM's actions isn't accurate. Radio wise, my current setup is a vx4207 for 70cm (bonus being 90/95cert, so legal for gmrs too), paired with a vx4204 for 2m. 61 2M / 70cm mag mount antenna, Yagi or similar directional antenna. 70000 k3fpv* sw az gilbrt ashland rnch o,pl 100. 6125 Mhz on FM 70cm Calling is on 433. 200: USB: Users should move up if the band is open beyond normal line of sight. My plan is to have a GMRS license and a 50W radio mobile for dual use even in. We switched to 70 cm simplex and had better success, in fact Tom was able to operate analog at 100mw. FM Repeater Downlink (UHF): 437. The KG-UV3D is a compact, high-performance dual band handheld amateur radio transceiver providing up to 5 Watts of RF power on VHF and 4 Watts on UHF, along with high audio output (500 mW). 000 MHz FM simplex; 70cm FM Simplex Frequencies: 445. If you are looking for other communications cards look for the bundle options. Name Simplex frequency (MHz) Repeater output Repeater input (MHz) Motorola convention Icom F21-GM convention "550" 462. C1 4 MHz & C2 8 MHz simplex frequencies. 70cm (440 MHz) Frequency PL Tone Callsign OWNER FMARC County Private Location Lat / Lon Description Status; Cape Coral Gabfest Frequency - Thursday nights at 2000: 441. The two most commonly used frequency ranges for two-way radios are VHF (Very High Frequency 130-174MHz), and UHF (Ultra High Frequency …. 1250 Simplex (considered as the 'Road Channel' for the Pacific Highway) 12. Wilderness Protocol & NOAA Wx. Category: CommunicationsTags: HAM, HAM …. Free : Please do not use the 2m (146. 520: FM: Calling Frequency, also used when traveling in areas with few or no local repeaters. Use very low loss coaxial feed linethe lowest loss per foot you can afford. Here are some of the common 70cm simplex frequencies that I have in all of my radios 445. 0 > Plus and for 70cm: Plus < 445. 2m & 70cm using Simplex, Repeaters, and EchoLink from. 00 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work National simplex frequency 447. WTB:UHF [70cm] mobile motorola duplexer, please ;-) 10. HYS UHF VHF 2meter 70CM 21inches NMO Antenna with NMO Mount 4meter(13. 70 cm band – All licence classes. Kennedy Space Center Amateur Radio Club N1KSC. 5500 MHz: FM Simplex: U284: 433. What is national simplex frequency? What is the 70- . The purpose of the KSC Amateur Radio Club is to encourage the unity, fellowship, and activities of the amateur radio community at Kennedy Space Center …. 000 : National simplex frequency : 447. vhf simplex channels By in Uncategorized on September 2nd, 2020 · 0 CommentsUncategorized on …. 6MHz split, NO CTCSS); 23cm FM Repeater . ‘G’ is for gateway and ‘S’ is for server. So it has been over a year since my last post, to be honest, Amateur Radio has taken a back seat in all that time. In addition to this information, please note the following radio configuration. This listing is for a complete simplex node for the 70cm amateur radio band. I'm told that there are some places that use 20 KHz channels. While the frequency can be entered in the Baofeng UV-5R and similar radio’s by just punching in numbers it is also possible to save it as a channel for easy access at any time(see below). Category: Communications Tags: HAM, HAM simplex. The ARRL publishes a band plan here. io] On Behalf Of Larry Hoffman - W5UWF via Groups. 500 MHz K6PHL maintains a SARES Channelized Frequency List spreadsheet, you can download a copy of the current version 7-4 XLSX file or PDF file. 0) Miamisburg; frequencies for the coming 2021 Hamvention HF Nets. These changes include rearrangement of simplex channels and the creation of a new repeater input segment. Data Mode Frequencies; UK Business Radio Simple Frequencies; UK Band Plan – 70cm; UK Band Plan – 2m; UK Band Plan – 4m; UK Band Plan – 6m; UK …. 0 backup-repeater 220 (future) 9.